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Data Privacy Hackathon Announcement Feb 8 & 9 -- Bay Area, NYC, London

From: Mary Hodder <hodder@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2014 16:36:52 -0600
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Hi all,
I wanted to forward this announcement about the Hackathon we are putting together (Mark Lizar in London, me in the Bay Area -- and Phil Weiss of NY Legal Hackers.. so we are in three locations).

We are very excited about the event, and encourage you to get involved as participants or mentors or, if your company would consider it, as a Sponsor. 

Scroll down for event details.  More to details to come later in the month!

Thank you,
Mary Hodder
Open Notice Ad Hoc WG
Board: Customer Commons

Blog Post at CISWG Kantara

 Data Privacy Legal Hack-A-thon

This is an unprecedented year documenting our loss of Privacy. Never before have we needed to stand up and team up to do something about it.   

In honour of Privacy Day, the Legal Hackers are leading the charge to do something about it, inspiring a two-day international Data Privacy Legal Hackathon. 

This is no ordinary event. Instead of talking about creating privacy tools in theory, the Data Privacy Legal Hackathon is about action! A call to action for tech & legal innovators who want to make a difference!

Across three locations on February 8th & 9th, 2014
* New York City * London, UK * Bay Area *


This two-day event aims to mix the tech and legal scenes with people and companies that want to champion personal data privacy.   Connecting entrepreneurs, developers, product makers, legal scholars, lawyers, and investors.

Each location will host a two-day “judged” hacking competition with a prize awarding finale, followed by an after-party to celebrate the event. 

The Main Themes to The Hackathon Are:
Crossing the Pond Hack
Do Not Track Hack
Anti-Surveillance & Transparency Hacks
Privacy Policy Hack
Revenge Porn Hack

There are pre-hackathon projects and activities
Join the Hackerleague
A Consent Legal Map & Schema Project to create a legal map of the consent laws as a legal hackers tool for the event and projects posted at the event (many volunteers needed)
Brainstorming List of Hacks - Add your ideas
Share Tech and Links Page - Share your Knowledge
Hacks (Project) Page - Propose or Join a project
IRC Channel for Discussion

Sponsorship Is Available & Needed

Any organization or company seeking to show active support for data privacy and privacy technologies is invited to get involved. 

Sponsor:  prizes, food and event costs by becoming a Platinum, Gold or Silver Sponsor
Participate:  at the event by leading or joining a hack project
Mentor:  projects or topics that arise for teams, and share your expertise.
Contact NYC sponsorship:            Phil Weiss email or @philwdjjd      
Contact Bay Area sponsorship:     Mary Hodder -  Hodder (at) gmail (dot) com  -  Phone: 510 701 1975
Contact London sponsorship:        Mark Lizar - Mark (dot) Lizar (at)gmail (dot) com  - Phone: +44 02081237426 - @smarthart
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