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Agenda for December 12, 2012 TPWG call

From: Peter Swire <peter@peterswire.net>
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2012 13:31:32 -0800
To: "public-tracking@w3.org" <public-tracking@w3.org>
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Agenda for December 12, 2012 Call

Chair: Peter Swire

Introductory comments from new co-chair

1.  Constructive tone/decorum in work on compliance spec

2.  Stress effective use of time of WG participants:
A.  Appoint scribe in advance of each meeting on compliance spec.  Today Yianni Lagos, Ohio State. Invitation for future volunteers.
B.  Begin meeting promptly at starting time, and end if no further business.
C.  Streamline time identifying callers: use of IRC to ID callers; prior notice to Nick Doty if a new phone number (we will discuss/experiment).

3.  Discussion for compliance spec of when/how consensus may be determined
A.  Concern about linkage among multiple issues in compliance spec.
B.  Role of email list and no “waiver” without clear notice.
C.  Use of calls and F2F to clarify subset of times where consensus may be determined.
D.  Update this discussion after more experience with new co-chair.

4.  Other process questions/comments/suggestions for work on compliance spec?

5.  Report on possible F2F dates/location

Priority issues for compliance spec

6.  Co-chair brief overview of emails submitted

7.   “Go around the room” – introduce yourself to new co-chair and re-introduce to the group of participants.  Please provide name, organization, role in organization, any points for new co-chair and the group.  No more than 2 minutes per person.  Request not to re-state points you or your organization made in emails on priorities.

8.  Chair summarizes emails on priorities and discussion.

9.  Discussion of next steps.

10.  Announce next meeting (likely call on December 19) & adjourn

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    Ohio State University
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