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Web Testing Activity Proposal and Group Charters

From: Bryan Sullivan <blsaws@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2011 00:46:25 -0700
Message-Id: <1A905356-3FE6-494E-A67C-87BBA766B4E3@gmail.com>
To: public-test-infra@w3.org
Hi all,

AT&T is happy to see W3C initiating this activity and we intend to support it actively. I've included here some overall goals we would like to share with those interested in this activity, and some comments to the charter drafts.

When we earlier proposed to Jeff Jaffe that W3C develop a Common Testing Framework, or as we called it "Web OK" (it should have a catchy marketing name), these were the key goals:

A) Derive requirements based upon needs of the market
1)    We should focus on both Web platforms (vendors) and applications (developers): We need to promote quality and interoperability of Web platforms, but also the quality and ease of Web application development, to the extent that test support can enable it.
2)    We should recognize that the test framework benefits (thus should anticipate, and where necessary accomodate the needs of) an entire ecosystem, including W3C, Web platform vendors, developers, developer initiatives (e.g. WAC), service providers (e.g. testing servces, network services).

B) Design the framework through W3C activity
1)    Test frameworks, cases, and assets
2)    Processes enabling consistent test support across specifications
3)    Results collection and certification

C) Positively impact the market by promoting awareness/investment and ongoing collaboration with W3C
1)    Promote awareness and support by marketing the initiative through direct outreach to ecosystem players
2)    Collaborate with ecosystem players to facilitate a self-sustaining testing and certification environment
3)    Promote continuous improvement through implementation and operations feedback into W3C processes and specifications

Overall, I think those goals are well represented in the intent and detail of the charters, but I've proposed some more specific inclusion below for some of them.

Comments to http://www.w3.org/2011/05/activity-proposal.html

2.2 Why is a new Activity being started?
"acitivty" -> "activity"
Break "The intent of the acitivty is to enable testing of ..." there (after "of") and make "the various facets of Web agents: rendering,  scripting,  animation,  performance,  user interaction,  or integration with platform APIs,  such as Accessiblity APIs" the first bullet of two, with the second: "Web applications, via tools and Web agent support for debugging and automated testing".

2.3 What is the market within the area of the proposal? Who or what group wants this (providers, users, etc.)?
Add to "Developers are always demanding to increase the interoperability between user agents": " and the ease of testing Web applications".

2.12 Is there a window of opportunity that cannot be missed?
Add "There is growing market anticipation that Web agents supporting HTML5 and other current W3C technologies will soon enable Web applications to rival native applications per functionality, performance, and overall developer experience. The fulfillment (or not) of such an expectation can have a lasting effect upon developer perception of the Web as an application environment. The chances of success in the early years of HTML5 adoption can be greatly improved by focusing now on improvement of testing of specifications, Web agents, and Web applications."

Comments to http://www.w3.org/2011/05/testing-ig-charter

1. Scope
Add to the bullets under "The purpose of the Web Testing Interest Group is": "to develop methods of test result collection and publication for specifications and Web agents, for use in documenting progress toward Proposed Recommendation stage for specifications, and beyond, for use in assessing specification support by Web agents on an ongoing basis".

1.1 Success Criteria
Add "Effectiveness will be measured by documentation of how well the group anticipates and accommodates the related needs of community members across the entire Web ecosystem, including: W3C, Web platform vendors, developers, developer initiatives (e.g. the WAC), service providers (e.g. testing servces, network services, Web services), etc."

2. Deliverables
If the IG needs to develop specifications for the test tools, process guidelines, or best practices for use by W3C spec editors or groups, doesn't this section need to mention the possible creation of recommendation track specifications, or other types of documents?

Comments to http://www.w3.org/2011/08/browser-testing-charter
The charter looks good. No further comments at this time.

Bryan Sullivan | AT&T
Received on Wednesday, 3 August 2011 07:47:04 UTC

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