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[OWL-S] new IOPE example #1

From: David Martin <martin@AI.SRI.COM>
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 23:54:30 -0800
Message-ID: <406A7936.5040602@ai.sri.com>
To: public-sws-ig <public-sws-ig@w3.org>

Here's a simple example with an effect expression, which is consistent
with our recent discussions.  But there are several issues listed
below.  I'd appreciate comments on those.  (Drew, Mark, Bijan, your
attention is particularly solicited.)

Note: the effect assumes the existence of an "arithmetic" ontology
defining "Pair" (a class) and "sum" (a property), 2 basic concepts of
arithmetic.  The idea here is to define the effect of AtomicProcess
"Add", in terms of these basic concepts.  (That is, the effect simply
says that the output is the sum of the 2 input values.)

Note: As mentioned in Bijan's recent message, each input and output is
a SWRL variable (because Input and Output are subclasses of swrl:Variable).

<process:AtomicProcess rdf:id="Add">
     <Input rdf:id="Add_In1">
       <parameterType rdf:datatype=
   <process:hasInput rdf:id="Add_In2">
       <parameterType rdf:datatype=
     <Output rdf:id="Add_Out">
       <parameterType rdf:datatype=
       <???:inLanguage rdf:datatype=
       <???:conjuncts rdf:parseType="Collection">
           <swrl:propertyPredicate rdf:resource="&arithmetic;sum"/>
               <first rdf:resource="#Add_In1">
               <second rdf:resource="#Add_In2">
           <swrl:argument2 rdf:resource="#Add_Out"/>

(1) Are we happy with having a Formula class, with properties
"inLanguage" and "conjuncts"?  If so, is it defined in DRS' namespace,
or where?  Should a value of inLanguage be a URI?

(2) Does the formula content need to be a literal, as we have
discussed?  If so, how is that done?  With parsetype=Literal?  But
then I'm not clear about where (on what property) to put that.

(3) hasEffect is a simplification, with respect to OWL-S 1.0.  That is, 
in 1.0, the value of hasEffect should be an instance of
ConditionalEffect, whereas here it's value is an instance of
???:Formula.  Do we want to allow for a simplification like this?

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