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RE: Community Project Results

From: Paul Walsh, Segala <paulwalsh@segala.com>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 11:21:27 -0000
To: "'Susie Stephens'" <susie.stephens@oracle.com>, "'W3C SWEO IG'" <public-sweo-ig@w3.org>
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Fantastic. Thanks to all those who voted for Search Thresher. This will give
me the nudge needed to create the roadmap for monthly build updates. We will
of course, include anything that can support the other projects.

Looks like I owe a few people a beer or two ;)

BTW, what's ironic and seriously dumb, is that I didn't get a chance to
vote! How stupid is that.

Please accept our apology and belated regrets for not making the call :( On
the up side, I was talking about all this stuff to 11 seriously smart people
at an Internet brainstorming session in London yesterday.


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> Subject: Community Project Results
> I've posted the results of the voting for community projects onto the
> secure Wiki [1]. Please let me know if you can't access the page, and
> I'll send you a copy of the PDF.
> As we discussed during today's call, I propose that we support the top 4
> projects, as that seems like a reasonable number of projects to track,
> and won't lead to too much fragmentation of effort. The top 4 proposals
> are also all very different, which makes it a good point to draw the
> line. I recommend that we invite people who submitted other project
> proposals to become involved in the ones SWEO will be supporting.
> During the call we also discussed what SWEO supporting a project means.
> The thoughts that we had included having a SWEO use case, highlighting
> the projects during conference presentations, giving demos where
> possible, and general blogging. Other ideas included engaging institutes
> such as the Semantic Web School in Austria to train students using these
> projects so that we get more code. Another idea would be for SWEO to
> host a hackathon.
> I'm looking forward to input from Kjetil as he's the task lead. :-)
> Cheers,
> Susie
> [1]
> get=Community_Project.pdf
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