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Re: Open data linking community project.

From: Kjetil Kjernsmo <kjetilk@opera.com>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 16:46:17 +0100
To: public-sweo-ig@w3.org
Message-Id: <200702151646.18541.kjetilk@opera.com>

On Thursday 15 February 2007 16:25, Kingsley Idehen wrote:
> > I was hoping you would chime in on the meeting, but I guess you had
> > some connection problems.
> >  
> I had more serious problems unfortunately on the family side :-(

Ah, sorry to hear.

> Things have settled now.


> Tabulator is not the definitive front-end of this project. It is one
> of several. 

yes, but they are all around the same level in terms of end-user 

> The idea is to put a collection of applications (data 
> consumers) and data sources (data providers) together within coherent
> whole that demonstrates:
> 1. What the Web's Protocol gives already via HTTP Content Negotiation
> 2.  Linking to other Data Sources via the common use link oriented
> predicates (such as foaf:seeAlso and foaf:knows plus others on a
> schema by schema basis)
> 3.  URI Dereferencing
> The above are the heart and sole of the main problem re. the semantic
> web foundation layer (the Data Web part). They dispel the "RDF Tax"
> myth by unobtrusively exposing RDF in a myriad of ways.

Right, but these are all points appealing to the geeks amongst us...?

> > So, what I feel the answers to the questionnaire lacks is the
> > application that combines Wikipedia, MusicBrainz and Geonames into
> > something that will change my life. Something like "with these
> > links between open data, we will create a plugin for Amarok, XMMS
> > and WinAmp that allows users to find information about similar
> > bands in the same geographical region". And then, argue why this
> > approach is superior to just googling the names.
> >  
> The one thing you are missing is that SearchTheSemanticWeb (lead by
> Fred Giasson) is about Grandma's Semantic Web experience (and there
> will more than likely be others the find their way to this effort).

Ah, sounds good! 

> They all of this becomes wide spread is via massive adoption via
> "network effects" one friend tells another friend about their Data
> Web experience which eventually leads to a global epiphany :-)


> > Now, I wouldn't want to influence the SWEO members too much. It
> > could easily be that people think that "Kjetil created the
> > questionnaire to suit his own project, duped SWEO into condoning it
> > and then went out victorious". Which would be bad...
> >
> > So, I'll shut up now but I hope you can elaborate on that.
> >  
> BTW - What does SWEO support of a project actually entail? 

Well, that's still to be discussed. And that's for the next teleconf, 
where I'm not going to be participating, so that can be shaped entirely 
without my influence.

> I ask
> because (as I stated earlier) the Education and Outreach aspects of
> these projects is already exceeding expectations (from my vantage
> point). 

Yeah, me too. Also, getting commitments in like this project did shows 
that it stands firmly on its own feet. Which is good.

> I don't want us to inadvertently tapper the process that is in motion
> by associating SWEO with a specific project based on a voting process
> of sorts. The projects, or developers associated with a given project
> will easily misread the intentions here.

Yup. That should be carefully considered by the SWEO on the next 

> Personally, as I have stated in the past, the more projects the
> merrier. We just want to have lots of coherent sources of material
> that shed light on the practical benefits of the Semantic Web vision.

Well, yeah, to some extent, but I think that our efforts have been 
spread to thinly, that's part of the problem of semweb adoption, I 
think. But if people have all that time on their hands, of course, 
that's good! :-)


Kjetil Kjernsmo
Semantic Web Specialist
Opera Software ASA
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