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RE: [Messaging] Questionnaires

From: Paul Walsh, Segala <paulwalsh@segala.com>
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 23:13:07 -0000
To: "'Susie Stephens'" <susie.stephens@oracle.com>, "'W3C SWEO IG'" <public-sweo-ig@w3.org>
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At the F2F meeting, it was decided that one of the initial focus areas 
for SWEO would be on developing some core messaging. As part of that 
activity, we are interested in learning what enterprises, vendors and 
Web developers currently think about the Semantic Web. As such, we plan to
send email questionnaires to enterprises and vendors. (With the Web
developer community, we plan to have 1:1 conversations with key 

[PW] Can you (or someone else) draft an email to go with the questionnaire?
I can email it to BIMA's membership; digital agencies, brands, developers
and students.


We have drafted the initial questionnaires, which are now posted on the 
Wiki [1]. Please try to review the questionnaires by next Wednesday's 
call (Nov. 29), so that we can get them finalized asap. Feel free to 
either modify the Wiki directly, or to send comments to the list.

[PW] We shouldn't limit ourselves to W3C members - this represents a small
piece of the pie. It will also skew the figures as members are more likely
to be familiar with the term '(the) Semantic Web'. Most agencies I speak to
don't know what it is - these are some of the biggest agencies in Europe
that design and build a lot of Web sites and should not be ignored. This is
after all, an education and 'outreach' programme. Looking at W3C members
only, is almost like looking inwards.

For example, I had a chat about the Semantic Web with one of the co-founders
of Bebo the other night - they're not W3C members but could benefit from the
SW for many reasons. We could also benefit from their perception.

Additional questions to consider:

What does the Semantic Web mean to you?
How do you think your organisation could benefit from Semantic technologies?

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