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RE: [ALL] SWD face-to-face - draft agenda - contribution to the Vocabulary Management session

From: Novacek, Vit <vit.novacek@deri.org>
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 16:40:10 +0100
Message-ID: <316ADBDBFE4F4D4AA4FEEF7496ECAEF9158908@EVS1.ac.nuigalway.ie>
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sorry I didn't mention it on the Tuesday call, but I didn't have the proposal in a "presentable" shape with all the links at that time. I have three general points I'd like to discuss concerning the vocabulary management document and I'd be happy to bring it up within the face-to-face meeting if the group finds it appropriate. The points are as follows:

1. Versioning Questionnaire Evaluation - There are some interesting results of the survey [1] we've recently initiated. During September I'll evaluate all the results and sum them up in a form of brief report, which could be presented at the face-to-face meeting and incorporated into the vocabulary management document later on.

2. Reference Implementation of RDF-based Ontology Versioning - This is related to the SemVersion system, which has been developed within the Knowledge Web EU project and is also employed in dynamic ontology lifecycle implementation. There is a related deliverable [2]. Features of the recently released new version [3] and key aspects of its (RDF) version metadata model could perhaps be included into an appropriate section of the vocabulary management document as well.

3. Recently we've started to work on a Knowledge Web deliverable, covering some theoretical issues of dealing with versioned ontologies, e.g. optimal diff and consequences of non-optimal diff introduction or reasoning across multiple versions of an ontology. A chapter that would cover at least some basic "best practices" related to these issues is planned within the deliverable. Some parts of the actual content of the deliverable should already be available by the time of the face-to-face meeting, so the possibilities of adding some of these Knowledge Web results into the vocabulary management document could be discussed as well.

Besides the above issues, I'd of course be happy to contribute to resolution of another related points that are already mentioned in the agenda draft.

Best regards,

[1] http://smile.deri.ie/limesurvey/index.php?sid=2
[2] http://semversion.ontoware.org/kwebd233b.pdf
[3] http://semweb4j.org/site/semversion/

Vit Novacek

Semantic Information Systems and Language Engineering Group (SmILE)
Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI)
National University of Ireland, Galway
Tel: +353 91 495738
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