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From: Daniel Rubin <dlrubin@stanford.edu>
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2006 09:27:22 -0700
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To: public-swd-wg@w3.org

I am a Research Scientist in Stanford Medical Informatics and 
Clinical Asst. Professor in Radiology at Stanford University. I work 
with Mark Musen on the Protege project and am Scientific Director of 
the National Center for Biomedical Ontology [1], funded under the NIH 
Roadmap initiative to develop technology to enable the scientific 
community to access biomedical ontologies and use them to analyze 
biomedical data. I have also worked on several knowledge-based and 
decision-support projects, such as the PharmGKB project [2] and the 
Virtual Soldier Project [3]. I also participate in the NCI caBIG 
In-vivo Imaging Workspace [4] to create an imaging informatics 
infrastructure for cancer research. I co-lead a Vocabulary and Common 
Data Elements (VCDE) SIG in this workspace.  I also participate in 
the Semantic Web Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group [5].

I am interested in using Semantic Web technologies to access and 
integrate and reason with diverse biomedical knowledge and image 
data, to index images and data, and to enable images to be related to 
other data pertinent to their
contents. Terminology/ontology deployment is central to this vision, 
and I view the efforts of this working group as laying an essential foundation.

[1] <http://bioontology.org>http://bioontology.org
[2] http://pharmgkb.org
[3] http://www.virtualsoldier.us/
[4] https://cabig.nci.nih.gov/workspaces/Imaging/
[5] http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/hcls/
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