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RE: [MM] Contribution to the 1st deliverable

From: Jane Hunter <jane@dstc.edu.au>
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 10:03:32 +1000
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To: "'Giorgos Stamou'" <gstam@softlab.ntua.gr>, public-swbp-wg@w3.org
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Dear all,
Unfortunately I can't send emails to the public-swbp-wg discussion list
since DSTC membership of W3C is expiring shortly and Uni. of Qld membership
may take a few months. But I've tried to include the key people in this
(Sorry I didn't attend last nights phone conference - I still have jetlag
from my last trip to Europe and 10pm is way past my bedtime) - but I do have
a few comments on the 1st deliverable document.
- I think it would be great to have one use case that involves medical or
scientific images. Medical images in particular are a very significant
category that require domain-specific annotations e.g., mammography images?
Would you like me to provide a use case for this kind of collection?
I've responded to Nikolaos' email about categorization of image annotation
tools. A few other suggestions:
7) Collaborative or individual
8) Granularity - file-based or segment-based (and sub-categories of types of
9) Threaded or unthreaded 
10) Access controlled or open access
Also in the tools section you may want to reference:
1) Vannotea - a jabber-based system for real-time collaborative indexing,
annotation and discussion of high quality (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, JPEG,
TIFF, JPEG-2000) images and video.
http://metadata.net/filmed/ <http://metadata.net/filmed/> 
2) Rules-By-Example - a graphical user interface that uses examples to
interactively define rules for inferring high level semantic descriptions of
image regions from combinations of low-level automatically extracted
Kind regards
Dr Jane Hunter
Senior Research Fellow
DSTC, Level 7 GP South,
University of Queensland,
Qld 4072 Australia
Ph:  +61 7 33654310
Fax: +61 7 33654311
jane@dstc.edu.au <mailto:jane@dstc.edu.au> 

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Subject: [MM] Contribution to the 1st deliverable

Hi all


Attached you can find my contribution to the 1st MM TF deliverable according
to the previous telecon schedule.

IMPORTANT: I am not sure that the version I send you is the latest, please
only read the two usecases (multimedia production services and personal
photo collections). Jacco or Ralph can you please add this to the CVS?

We should also change the name inside the html code (from Multimedia
Annotation on the Semantic Seb to Multimedia Annotation on the Semantic Web

Hope we all join the telecon later today.




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