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minutes, 29 November 2013 SVG WG telcon

From: Cameron McCormack <cam@mcc.id.au>
Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2012 09:34:21 +1100
Message-ID: <50C11D6D.3000301@mcc.id.au>
To: www-svg@w3.org, public-svg-wg@w3.org
Here is the IRC log from our brief telcon before the power outage last week.


IRC log of svg on 2012-11-29

Timestamps are in UTC.

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     Zakim, this will be GA_SVGWG
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     Meeting: SVG Working Group Teleconference
20:59:35 [trackbot]
     Date: 29 November 2012
20:59:50 [krit]
     zakim, who is on the phone
20:59:51 [Zakim]
     I don't understand 'who is on the phone', krit
20:59:56 [krit]
     zakim, who is on the phone?
20:59:56 [Zakim]
     On the phone I see +2aaaa
21:00:01 [Zakim]
21:00:02 [Zakim]
     + +61.2.980.5.aabb
21:00:04 [krit]
     zakim, 2aaaa is me
21:00:04 [Zakim]
     sorry, krit, I do not recognize a party named '2aaaa'
21:00:09 [nikos]
     Zakim, +61.2 is me
21:00:09 [Zakim]
     +nikos; got it
21:00:17 [krit]
     zakim, aaaa is me
21:00:17 [Zakim]
     +krit; got it
21:00:23 [Zakim]
21:00:25 [heycam]
     Zakim, [ is me
21:00:25 [Zakim]
     sorry, heycam, I do not recognize a party named '['
21:00:29 [heycam]
     Zakim, [I is me
21:00:29 [Zakim]
     sorry, heycam, I do not recognize a party named '[I'
21:00:33 [heycam]
     Zakim, [IPcaller.a] is me
21:00:33 [Zakim]
     +heycam; got it
21:00:37 [birtles]
     Zakim, IPcaller is me
21:00:37 [Zakim]
     +birtles; got it
21:00:37 [nikos]
     zakim, who is noisy?
21:00:50 [Zakim]
     nikos, listening for 10 seconds I could not identify any sounds
21:00:58 [heycam]
21:01:02 [heycam]
     Chair: Cameron
21:01:02 [krit]
     zakim, 2aaaa is me
21:01:02 [Zakim]
     sorry, krit, I do not recognize a party named '2aaaa'
21:01:06 [Zakim]
21:01:11 [krit]
     zakim, who is noisy?
21:01:16 [Zakim]
21:01:17 [Zakim]
21:01:24 [Zakim]
     krit, listening for 11 seconds I heard sound from the following: 
birtles (32%), heycam (8%)
21:01:35 [ed]
     Zakim, [IP is me
21:01:35 [Zakim]
     +ed; got it
21:02:29 [Zakim]
21:02:34 [Zakim]
21:04:24 [cabanier]
     scribenick: cabanier
21:04:37 [cabanier]
     topic: Sydney F2F
21:04:59 [cabanier]
     heycam: CSS WG has their meeting at Tucson at the same time
21:05:14 [cabanier]
      but it's not really feasible to change for us
21:05:29 [cabanier]
      so we're not chaning our meeting
21:06:18 [cabanier]
     krit: our tickets are being approved
21:06:33 [cabanier]
     krit: so it's hard to move
21:07:02 [cabanier]
     heycam: chris won't come and we would miss Tab
21:07:18 [cabanier]
     topic: marker discussion
21:07:48 [cabanier]
     heycam: we've had an email discussion about the marker property
21:08:15 [Zakim]
     + +
21:08:20 [cabanier]
      marker segment was my proposal for marker pattern
21:08:49 [Tav]
     zakim, aacc is me
21:08:49 [Zakim]
     +Tav; got it
21:08:52 [cabanier]
      in the spec I added marker pattern and marker segment
21:09:29 [cabanier]
      in the thread Dirk was wondering if we could add functionality 
from marker segment to marker patterns
21:09:39 [cabanier]
      so we wouldn't need separate properties
21:10:01 [cabanier]
     Tav: marker segment seems like an obvious thing
21:10:11 [cabanier]
     heycam: that was my concern as well
21:10:32 [cabanier]
     krit: you may want to position marker on the segment itself
21:10:53 [cabanier]
      you may want to position it on the begin/ end instead of the middle
21:11:29 [cabanier]
     heycam: were you think of the automatic
21:11:47 [cabanier]
     krit: I would like to position a marker along a path
21:12:50 [cabanier]
     heycam: why doesn't marker-mid work for that
21:13:03 [cabanier]
     krit: you'd have to draw into different segments
21:13:27 [cabanier]
     heycam: no, it draws for every vertex except the first and last
21:14:07 [cabanier]
     krit: maybe I misunderstood
21:14:30 [cabanier]
     krit: o yes. I does what I want
21:15:14 [heycam]
21:15:21 [cabanier]
     heycam: one example I though
21:15:30 [cabanier]
      you have 2 markers on a segment
21:15:58 [cabanier]
      I think that kind of pattern has been seen before
21:16:05 [cabanier]
      so it would be good to be able to do that
21:16:44 [richardschwerdtfeger]
     richardschwerdtfeger has joined #svg
21:17:07 [cabanier]
     heycam: the main diffferences between me and Tab, was to repeat the 
marker pattern over each segment
21:17:24 [cabanier]
      and that you could specify an offset that the pattern isn't 
repeated into
21:17:37 [cabanier]
      so you'd have 20pixel of offset
21:18:04 [cabanier]
     nikos: so you can have a comma separated list of marker pattern
21:18:08 [cabanier]
     heycam: yes
21:18:09 [heycam]
     marker-pattern: url() 20px, url() 40px
21:18:38 [cabanier]
     heycam: a marker every 20 px and one every 40px
21:18:51 [cabanier]
      the discussion was about the best syntax
21:19:07 [cabanier]
     cabanier: so the marker would overlap each other
21:19:13 [cabanier]
     heycam: yes
21:19:21 [cabanier]
     cabanier: and there is a drawing order
21:19:24 [cabanier]
     heycam: yes
21:19:32 [cabanier]
     nikos: what does the offset do
21:20:02 [cabanier]
     heycam: it shortens the path between both ends
21:20:14 [cabanier]
      and the pattern only shows between them
21:20:57 [cabanier]
     krit: the offset is the thing that cuts of the markers at the 
beginngin and end of the path
21:21:12 [cabanier]
     heycam: no, it shifts where the patterns starts and end
21:22:41 [cabanier]
     krit: do we want to support multiple tracks?
21:22:42 [Zakim]
21:22:49 [cabanier]
     heycam: yes
21:22:59 [cabanier]
     nikos: multiple tracks is cool.
21:23:11 [cabanier]
      and use percentages
21:23:19 [cabanier]
     heycam: I think it should be
21:24:52 [krit]
21:24:58 [krit]
     X is on 100%
21:25:11 [krit]
     offset is 20%
21:25:16 [krit]
21:26:10 [cabanier]
     heycam: my feeling is that the offset is at 20%, there shouldn't be 
any markers at the beginning
21:26:18 [cabanier]
     krit: that is not the definition of offset
21:26:25 [cabanier]
     heycam: it is if we define it that way
21:27:43 [cabanier]
     krit/heycam discussing...
21:30:01 [cabanier]
     heycam: maybe offset was the wrong word to use
21:30:11 [cabanier]
      because it looks like dash offset
21:30:41 [cabanier]
      it sounds that people like multiple tracks
21:30:47 [cabanier]
     tav: what does that mean
21:31:00 [cabanier]
     heycam: you have a comma separated list and apply each one on a path
21:31:58 [cabanier]
     krit: it would mean less interaction with the DOM
21:32:32 [cabanier]
     heycam: hopefully at one point CSSOM has easy access to multiple 
21:32:43 [cabanier]
     krit: it seems that we're replacing vector effects
21:32:52 [cabanier]
     heycam: I think that's true
21:33:13 [cabanier]
      some of the use case for vector effects, it would be good to have 
a different solution
21:33:20 [cabanier]
      we can solve that later
21:33:56 [cabanier]
      we can discuss this further on the mailing list
21:34:06 [cabanier]
     krit: I would like to resolve it
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