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SVG IG Reset

From: Jeff Schiller <codedread@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 11:39:01 -0600
Message-ID: <da131fde1001290939if9a6c98gd11c1a5619316da7@mail.gmail.com>
To: SVG IG List <public-svg-ig@w3.org>
Hello SVG Interest Group,

We haven't got together in awhile, so let us apologize up front for
busy schedules.  The IG chairs had a talk recently to discuss the SVG
Interest Group, its purpose, direction and future.

We both feel that, particular at this time, the SVG Interest Group
needs to continue, but we both feel that there is a need to adjust the
focus of the group if it is to provide strong value to the future of
SVG.  We'd like to start running the group as a project, not a 'fan
club' and we see two vital tasks for the IG to fulfill in the short

 1) create the SVG Torture Test Suite
 2) review, update and publish the W3C SVG Primer (David Dailey's book)

So to kind of reset a little, what we need to get started are two things:

 a) who would like to participate in the above activities?
 b) who would like to be the owner for each activity?

If you are interested in PARTICIPATING in either (or both) of the
above two activities, please chime in on the mailing list.  At the
casual level, responsibilities will include:

  * writing a test or two that demonstrate some non-interoperable
behavior between browsers that gets in the way of easy SVG development
(we all have experienced those)
  * reviewing a chapter of the SVG Primer and making change suggestions

If you are interested in OWNING the activity, we feel this is what
would be required as the primary driver for each task on an ongoing

 * recruit activity participants
 * update, refine the wiki page for that activity on the SVG IG wiki
(set goals, etc)
 * organize a rough schedule for the upcoming two week cycle:
     * this is nothing formal (we're *NOT* talking about Microsoft
Project or Gantt charts)
     * this should include breakdown for what each activity
participant will work on and when they expect to deliver
     * this should be done outside of the regular telcon
 * lead a segment of the twice-monthly telcon to report on your activity:
     * what work was accomplished in the previous two weeks
     * plan for the next two weeks
     * share progress (links, presentations, etc)
     * discuss issues encountered
 * manage progress on the activity participants (email reminders,
arrange IRC/Skype working sessions)

This may sound daunting, but it will only take as much as you can put
into it.  Anyone who is willing to take on and execute driving one of
these activities will be recognized by being listed as an editor on
the report, and will be nominated as one of the SVG IG co-chairs
(though this will need confirmation by W3C management); if that's not
enough incentive, we can also get you a t-shirt :).  We will be able
to assist the owners of each activity in some ways, but unfortunately
we do not have time to own both tasks.

We know the Interest Group is a group of volunteers and we all have
other jobs/lives/projects - we aren't trying to change that, and
participating in these activities is not a mandatory requirement for
being in the SVG IG.  On the other hand, we think a little more
structure will help the Interest Group really be effective in 2010,
the year of 'ubiquitous SVG'.

Jeff Schiller & Doug Schepers
Co-Chairs of the SVG Interest Group
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