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Re: sparql for vocab management: theory vs practice

From: Dan Brickley <danbri@danbri.org>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 08:58:55 -0400
To: "Seaborne, Andy" <andy.seaborne@hp.com>
Cc: Dan Brickley <danbri@danbri.org>, Steve Harris <S.W.Harris@ecs.soton.ac.uk>, public-sparql-dev@w3.org, public-swbp-wg@w3.org
Message-ID: <20060510125855.GB8195@postdiluvian.org>

Thanks all. Here's what I have now:


# List the undocumented FOAF properties used by some FOAF description

PREFIX  foaf:  <http://xmlns.com/foaf/0.1/>
PREFIX  rdf:   <http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#>
PREFIX danbri: <http://danbri.org/foaf.rdf>


FROM <http://danbri.org/foaf.rdf>
  { ?s  ?p  ?o .
      { GRAPH foaf:
          { ?p  rdf:type  rdf:Property ;
                rdf:type  ?type .
    FILTER ( ! bound(?type) )
    FILTER REGEX( str(?p), "^http://xmlns.com/foaf/0.1/" ) # ignore 3rd-party namespaces


Running it now, I get the following:

| p                  |
| foaf:wife          |
| foaf:pubkeyAddress |
| foaf:dateOfBirth   |
| foaf:archnemesis   |

It doesn't feel 100% great having the namespace URI in a regex like
that, ...but it does at least work perfectly :)

So this little query lets me find out which properties I've used in
my FOAF file but which don't really exist in the schema. Kinda handy :)
Something quite similar should be able to check for fictional properties
such as dc:author (instead of dc:creator). I guess to check all
namespaces would need a bit of application code since we can't decide 
which graphs to load in mid-query (otherwise we could write a web
crawler in sparql maybe?)...


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