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Re: SocialWeb charter take 3

From: Tim Anglade <tim.anglade@af83.com>
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2009 12:31:03 +0100
Message-Id: <AC46E333-478A-407E-878E-9748CD2D2848@af83.com>
To: public-social-web-talk@w3.org
Hi Dan, everybody,

great work on the document. I'm still reading through the finer parts  
of it but I have the feeling it's a statement of purpose everybody can  
or will be able to agree on with few, if any adjustments.

While agreeable, I'm a bit leery that this document does not go far  
enough in helping us organize ourselves. This document may be fine as  
a charter but if we agree to take it as such, what next? Where do we  
go from there? Would we draft some other document to help flesh out  
areas of work and deliverables (I thought we agreed on being  
deliverable-oriented in this XG)? Would that be based on the  
UnifiedSocialXG document, with refinements as necessary from the  
survey and tonight's telecon? Or do you recommend we start with that  
charter alone and let work self-organize afterwards through telecons  
and mailing-list exchanges?

I guess my question is (and that's a question for everybody on the  
list as well): what does the rest of the proposal entail if and once  
we accept some revision of an uncomplicated document like this one?


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