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Re: Updated Charter - Please Edit and Discuss

From: Renato Iannella <renato@nicta.com.au>
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 14:17:17 +1000
Message-Id: <0BA51231-6910-433F-B7DC-49B98B58E57F@nicta.com.au>
To: public-social-web-talk@w3.org

On 22 Jan 2009, at 03:06, Harry Halpin wrote:

>    2) Read the charter. Feel free (really!) to make edits and  
> comments to the charter itself. If you are not sure and want to  
> discuss and debate (please do!), just e-mail public-social-web-talk@lists.w3.org 
> .

Harry - thanks for the update.

One thing I learnt (the hard way from running the EIIF XG [1]) is to  
be very clear on the Deliverables and make sure they are achievable  
and scoped appropriately.

And given this XG will be large (so much interest), it might be a good  
idea to organise around Task Groups so that the XG can form into  
interest areas.

I would suggest the following (to start):
  A - Requirements and Use Cases
  B - Technologies
  C - Business Models
  D - Best Practices

Each of these Task Groups will need a leader to manage the  

So, Task Group A could deliver (for example):
  A.1 - Report of Current Use Cases and resultant Requirements that  
should be addressed by the community.
  A.2 - ....

Task Group B:
  B.1 - Report on the current state-of-the-art technologies currently  
being used (where, why,and how).
  B.2 - Report on the (semantic) mapping across different technologies  
to support interoperability.

Task Group C:
  C.1 - Report on the potential Business Models that can support  
greater Social Web interoperability
  C.2 - ...

Task Group D:
  D.1 - Report on current Best Practices to support Social Networks  
Interoperability (data portability)
  D.2 - Report on current Best Practices to support Trust and Privacy

Then there will be a final Deliverable:

  X - Final XG Report with recommendations for future standardisation  
and interoperability activities.

Cheers...  Renato Iannella

[1] <http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/eiif/charter-20071203>
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