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[Bug 5561] SML should define a Simple XLink Reference Scheme

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Date: Mon, 01 Jun 2009 15:36:17 +0000
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--- Comment #23 from John Arwe <johnarwe@us.ibm.com>  2009-06-01 15:36:17 ---
(In reply to comment #22)


> The XPointer spec refers to this simply as a "schema determined ID".  

IIRC from the SML barename discussions (see, I do listen occasionally!), that
term includes not only XML Schema but also DTD-defined IDs.  Since all XML
parsers are required to process the internal DTD subset, allowing
DTD-determined IDs imposes no new processing requirements.  Saying "XML Schema
determined..." would have a different (narrower, and therefore incorrect)

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