SML WG f2f in Redmond

29 Oct 2008

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Len, Pratul, John, Kumar, Ginny
Jim, Julia, Sandy, MSM
John Arwe
Len, Kumar


<johnarwe_> agenda http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-sml/2008Oct/0015.html

Test case for intra-doc keyref

Pratul: We're not trying to develop an exhaustive test suite.
... Focus on core scenarios.

RESOLUTION: WG will accept a test for intra-document keyref if such a test is volunteered, but intra-doc keyref is not a required test case.

COSMOS test case InvalidMultipleDocument

Ginny: Wouldn't this be detected by normal schema validation?

John: No, smlif:data is a wildcard.

<johnarwe_> ginny checked current schema, /data content is wildcard w/ maxoccurs=1 so it should in fact be a schema validation issue. this might not have been true originally (in the Submission)

COSMOS test cases where description does not match intent of test

Ginny: For example, Base64Encoded* tests

Kumar: I will add disambiguating comments to our feature/test spreadsheet

Need specific test for schema-complete?

<ginny> Microsoft's implementation does not support schema bindings and therefore this implementation is a test for last paragraph of 5.4.3 in IF (construction of default schema)

Identifying relevant features for each test case in test/feature spreadsheet

Description of test InvalidBareNameMultipleSchemes should mention that both refs are sml:uri

Ginny: Change test such that two sml:uri refs that resolve to the same target must produce an error

Pratul announces that today is his last SML wg meeting

<pratul> I have taken a new job within Microsoft, today will be my last meeting, wish everyone well.

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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