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[w3c sml][agenda] 2008-04-10 SML Telecon

From: Pratul Dublish <PRATULD@microsoft.com>
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2008 10:28:53 -0700
To: "public-sml@w3.org" <public-sml@w3.org>
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James->Julia, it appears you may be scribing this week.

Chair: when sending out an agenda, use following format

  [w3c sml][agenda] yyyy-mm-dd SML          in subject of email ([agenda]

agreed to, rest chair's convention)

Chair: when sending out an updated agenda, use following format, "n" =

update number, 1st update == 2, etc.

  [w3c sml][agenda][ver n] yyyy-mm-dd SML   in subject of email ([agenda]

[ver n] agreed to, rest chair's convention)

Scribe: read entire agenda, I restructured it so your "to do"s around the

scribe list are time-sequenced

  i.e. less to remember

The phone number to use for the SML WG teleconference is documented on the

WG's administrative home page:


Participants are invited to join IRC channel, as documented on the WG's

administrative home page:


Teleconference Time and Length (two hours)

Pacific   11 AM -  1 PM

Mountain  12 PM -  2 PM

Central    1 PM -  3 PM

Eastern    2 PM -  4 PM

UK         7 PM -  9 PM

Paris      8 PM - 10 PM

Upcoming publication moratoria:

 * 15 April 2008: Deadline for publication requests

                  before moratorium [12pm ET]

 * 17 April: Last publications before moratorium

 * 20 - 27 April: No publications

         - 20-22 April 2008: AC meeting in Beijing

         - 21-25 April 2008: WWW 2008

 * 28 April: Publications resume.

Proposed Agenda:

1. Roll call (present/regrets/absent)

2. Selection of Scribe based on list below

   New scribes see:

   - Scribe Quick Start Guide


   - Scribe FAQ


   - Instructions (steps "n-...") at the end of this agenda for reviewing

and sending out minutes

Last Scribe Date  Member Name               Regrets pending
2008-02-07        Lynn, James
2008-02-14        McCarthy, Julia
2008-02-21        Kumar, Pandit
2008-03-06        Boucher, Jordan
2008-03-13        Gao, Sandy
2008-03-27        Smith, Virginia
2008-03-31        Wilson, Kirk
2008-04-02        Eckert, Zulah

Exempt            Arwe, John
Exempt            Dublish, Pratul
Exempt            MSM
Exempt            PH

3. Approval of minutes from previous meeting(s):

   - 3/27


4. Action items: goes faster if you update yours before the meeting...


5. Review and close the "decided" bugs that have been in this state for two weeks or more



Why are rules allowed on both element declaration and typ...



Relationship between SML model validity and XSD validity ...



The term "containing element" is not clear



Discuss the behavior of GET on URI



Confusing section names



What does "nested to any depth" mean?



Use consistent form for MIT URI



How are SML URIs absolutized

6. Review hasProposal bugs

EPR Reference Scheme Note

n-3. Scribe: update scribe list below in this meeting's minutes, for use

in the next meeting's agenda:

   Update the list below and sort it (LRU), leaving people who will be out

for an extended period near the bottom

   to keep the names of draftees for the current meeting near the top, so

when the next agenda goes out people

   will know if their name is at or near the top of the list to scribe


Last Scribe Date  Member Name               Regrets pending
2008-01-22        Eckert, Zulah
2008-01-23        Smith, Virginia
2008-02-07        Lynn, James
2008-02-14        McCarthy, Julia
2008-02-21        Kumar, Pandit
2008-03-06        Boucher, Jordan              03/27/08
2008-03-13        Gao, Sandy
2008-03-20        Wilson, Kirk
Exempt            Arwe, John
Exempt            Dublish, Pratul
Exempt            MSM
Exempt            PH

n-2. Scribe: follow the steps in the Scribe Quick Start Guide through

"Generate minutes"


   Also issue the command "rrsagent, make log public" since we are a

public workgroup.

   DO NOT use tools that significantly change the source html, like Word,

to do your editing.

   Those tools make compare tools to sanity check the scribe's edits

unusable even though it

   renders fine visually (even here, some like Word remove W3C style

sheets so it renders

   with subtle differences).

n-1. Scribe: (optional, but most often followed)

   Send the original and updated minutes to the meeting chair as an

editorial check before

   sending to the full list.  Assume the chair will use a compare tool.

n. Scribe: send the minutes to the public mailing list

   After the meeting, follow the conventions we have agreed on within the

wg to help

  people search the email archives more effectively, namely:

    [w3c sml][minutes] yyyy-mm-dd SML     in subject of email ([minutes]

agreed to, rest chair's convention)

  As with agendas, if minutes are updated include a [ver n] "tag" as well.


n+1. Chair

     After meeting, update good standing list
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