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semantic usability BOF in Busan

From: <paola.dimaio@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2007 15:35:39 +0700
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To: public-semweb-ui@w3.org

Dear Ivan and all

thanks for the interest in this issue
it will be good to meet

It looks like from the responses so far that we have some momentum, and
considering I cannot quite help with the debugging of the applications just
as yet , I ll be happy to help foster a plan

Is there a W3C wiki page dedicated to Usability of Semantic Web where I can
post some notes? If not shall I open a wiki elsewhere? Thanks

The people who have expressed explicit interest so far are
Emmanuelle Sidar
Tom Heath  Open U
Knud Hinner Deri
M Daquin Open U
Hugh Glaser
Roberto Garcia
J Chetwynd
Richard Cygniak
Ivan Herman
(update this list if I missed anyone)
Adrian Walker sent some notes (havent read yet)

Except for those who are not in Busan, whom we shall keep posted of any
discussions and outcomes on list,  I look forward to be meeting everybody in
the next few days

Tom Heath suggests a  BOF meeting at lunch on Thursday, which may be fine
for some but others may have flown already by then, so anyone who can make
it for lunch contact Tom directly to get details/directions

I hope that maybe an additional/alternative informal get together before
Thursday an be arranged, for those who still have a spare slot and may have
left by Thursday -  email your availability and/or just catch me ( I ll try
to wear a tshirt
that says SEMANTIC USABILITY  if I can get it printed on the fly)

i am best contacted via  paola.dimaio ATDONOTSPAMMEANYMORE gmail.com, but
cannot post to list from there

With the OK of the organisers, I will put up a notice on the conference
message board about details

Look forward!
Thanks a lot for interest

Paola Di Maio

Paola Di Maio
School of IT
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