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Re: SIG at CHI Florence/collective submission and beyond

From: Leo Sauermann <leo.sauermann@dfki.de>
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2007 11:42:50 +0100
Message-ID: <4753DDAA.2020909@dfki.de>
To: paola.dimaio@gmail.com
CC: ddegler@ipgems.com, public-semweb-ui@w3.org
Hi Douane, PDM,

short introduction:
I am Leo Sauermann from DFKI, I am in the Semantic Desktop community
and W3C's SWEO Interest Group.

I published many things about the semantic desktop and am very active in 
community work.
My main goal is to make usable semantic web applications, and the 
desktop is the place where we all work (using a browser or not)


I have submitted a paper at the PIM2008 workshop at CHI and got 
accepted,  I will be there.
My role is primarily to connect the Semantic Desktop people with the PIM 
people, which is important.
I can present a paper at CHI if you want, anyway I am interested to meet 
you there.

I may also contribute/co-author, but not as a leading role.


It was paola.dimaio@gmail.com who said at the right time 03.12.2007 
06:41 the following words:
> Douane and all
> I have drafted a simple SIG proposal based on bits already discussed, 
> that Emmanuelle has approved and signed up to.
> At this stage however, I am also not 100 percent sure I can be around 
> in Florence, as I have conflicting commitments.
> Anyone else interested in proposing this and likely to be at the event 
> in question
> please email me offlist, and I ll circulate my notes should you be 
> able to add/edit them further and take this forward should I not be 
> around
> Thanks!
> On Dec 1, 2007 2:53 AM, Duane Degler <ddegler@ipgems.com 
> <mailto:ddegler@ipgems.com>> wrote:
>     The idea if a SIG sounds interesting, and brings the subject into
>     the main conference programme.
>     Hopefully you remain interested in submitting a paper to the
>     workshop - we look forward to a lively discussion and interesting
>     examples! Still 2 weeks to submit (due on Dec 14th). Of course,
>     you can always submit early. ;-)
>     Sorry I missed what sounds like good discussions at ISWC07. See
>     you at CHI.
>     Duane Degler
>     Co-organizer SWUI at CHI
>     http://swui.webscience.org/SWUI2008CHI/
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>     Subject: RE: SIG at CHI Florence/collective submission and beyond
>     Hi Paola and all,
>     Sorry for the delay in my response. I was in another city again :(
>     I'm reading now your proposal and I will answer to you in some
>     minutes :-)
>     See you..
>     Emmanuelle
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>     Asunto: Fwd: SIG at CHI Florence/collective submission and beyond
>     Greets all
>     I am circulating this email to all who expressed an interest in a
>     possible
>     IG either remotely on the W3C list or in person in Busan. It was
>     great to
>     meet you all.
>     Following Tom Heath's suggestion, I have started a draft for
>     submission of
>     SIG at CHI Florence, it can take up to 10 authors and 4 pages. I
>     have then
>     realised there is an open call for papers here
>     http://swui.webscience.org/SWUI2008CHI/
>     <http://swui.webscience.org/SWUI2008CHI/>
>     Emmanuelle, shall we work on a paper, or is the idea of a SIG
>     still worth
>     pursuing?
>     In order to start an incubator at W3C it is necessary to have
>     three sponsor
>     members (I dont belong to any organisation officially, although I
>     work
>     informally with a few members).
>      Some of you suggested an IG is formed, I would encourage the
>     pusual of this
>     idea.
>      Let me now if you need my input anywhere along the line.
>     Either way, I am would like to see an 'open'  workgroup, as
>     suggested on the
>     main W3C list,  to collectively work on furthering this area of
>     research,
>     which appears in need to be studied further and in depth, as it
>     briefly
>     surfaced at our lunchtime meeting in Busan
>     I have a few deliverables in mind and I am starting some jobs in this
>     direction in the forthcoming weeks with different people. Please
>     share your
>     ideas for collaboration beyond the IG proposal
>     I am happy to use the existing wiki and mailing list for this and
>     other
>     possible developments,
>     swuiwiki.webscience.org <http://swuiwiki.webscience.org>
>     and
>     http://swui.semanticweb.org/
>     http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-semweb-ui/
>      provided there is a clear and explicit and consensual IP policy
>     (still
>     waiting for a reply on that one , Avi and Max!). Not sure what is the
>     situation there but I need to preserve copyright  of my work for
>     research
>     and other purposes (although I happy to collaborate and share, I
>      retain
>     commercial rights over my contributions), In other projects I share
>     copyright with contributors  based on effort, either equal or
>     proportional
>     terms, depending on agreement.
>     Should the IP issue not be addressed satisfactorily by the existing
>     resources, and alternatively, or in addition to them, we can start
>     additional resources/collaborative workspaces to develop joint
>     projects/programmes
>     Look forward to your ideas an input on how to proceed next Please
>     let us all
>     know what you think and plans for cooperation
>     Best
>     Paola Di Maio
> -- 
> Paola Di Maio
> School of IT
> www.mfu.ac.th <http://www.mfu.ac.th>
> ********************************************* 

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