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[COI] Clinical data RDF examples?

From: M. Scott Marshall <mscottmarshall@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2013 14:52:05 +0100
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To: conor dowling <conor-dowling@caregraf.com>, "Pathak, Jyotishman, Ph.D." <Pathak.Jyotishman@mayo.edu>, Alan Ruttenberg <alanruttenberg@gmail.com>, Kerstin Forsberg <kerstin.l.forsberg@gmail.com>, "Eric Prud'hommeaux" <eric@w3.org>, Guoqian Jiang <jiang.guoqian@mayo.edu>, Charlie Mead <charliem22@yahoo.com>, Sajjad Hussain <sajjad.hussain@crc.jussieu.fr>
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Hello Conor, All,

[I started send this request to Jyoti, Conor, and Alan but realize
that this is probably interesting to others in HCLS such as Eric and
Charlie so now CCing the mailing list. In a sense, this relates to
Kerstin's efforts to create OWL/RDF versions of CDISC standards, which
should also involve representations of patient information, but I
suppose that my request is more oriented at the EHR level. Ideally,
however, there should be identical triples for certain data, e.g.
[patient hasAge Age] that can be used to match a patient with the
eligibility criteria of a trial.  ]

Just a quick question: I am hoping that you could share some of your
OWL/RDF choices (schema) with me that you made with your OWLization of
XXX (e.g. OpenVISTA).  So, I am looking for some choices of
namespaces, coding systems (NCI vs. SNOMED etc.), predicates (patient
hasDisease <disease>), etc. Even just a paste of some RDF for one
patient record that contains (non-identifying) demographics, type of
cancer, TNM status, etc. would be helpful, especially of an example
cancer patient. Could you send something like that? I would appreciate
any form of input, on or 'off list'.

SWAT4LS this year fed in to a few interesting developments/connections
related to clinical care and clinical research, among them:

1) SWAT4LS Paris Nov 2012: http://www.w3.org/wiki/HCLS/SWAT4LS2012/Hackathon


2) EHR4CR hosted a meeting in Paris on Jan. 22:

The EHR4CR convergence meeting (2 above) will be followed up with
discussions in COI teleconferences which I hope that you can also
attend (Eric has kindly agreed to take us under his wing in COI).
Charlie, who was present at 2, also enthusiastically supports
continued discussion in this area. There will be an even larger
convergence meeting held in March, organized by a EURECA colleague
from EuroRec. Eventually (soon?), a merged summary report of the
Convergence meeting will be shared on the wiki.

Kind regards,

M. Scott Marshall, PhD
MAASTRO clinic, http://www.maastro.nl/en/1/
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