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Fwd: The 2011-2013 NSF/NIH/BMBF Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience Program

From: M. Scott Marshall <mscottmarshall@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2010 23:37:57 +0100
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FYI (see below): Note that one class of proposals is:
- Data Sharing Proposals to enable sharing of data and other resources.


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Date: Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 11:18 PM
Subject: The 2011-2013 NSF/NIH/BMBF Collaborative Research in
Computational Neuroscience Program
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Hi everyone,

Joining the U.S. National Science Foundation, National Institutes of
Health, and the German Ministry of Education and Research
(Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, BMBF), we are pleased to
announce the release of the program solicitation for Collaborative
Research in Computational Neuroscience (CRCNS; NSF 11-505), now
available at http://www.nsf.gov/crcns/.  A parallel NIH Notice and
BMBF Richtlinie are forthcoming.

The next deadline for proposals will be FEBRUARY 16, 2011.

The new solicitation extends the CRCNS program for a period of three
years (2011-2013), including what had previously been solicited under
a separate Dear Colleague Letter on German-USA Collaboration in
Computational Neuroscience (NSF 09-60).

BMBF is now a formal partner in this activity, along with NSF and NIH.
 At NIH, CRCNS is now affiliated with the NIH Blueprint for
Neuroscience Research (http://neuroscienceblueprint.nih.gov).

CRCNS will support collaborative activities that will advance the
understanding of nervous system structure and function, mechanisms
underlying nervous system disorders, and computational strategies used
by the nervous system.

Three classes of proposals will be considered in response to this solicitation:
* Research Proposals describing collaborative research projects,
* US-German Research Proposals describing international collaborative
research projects to be funded in parallel by US and German agencies,
* Data Sharing Proposals to enable sharing of data and other resources.

The new solicitation incorporates the following programmatic and
administrative changes:
* Scientific description and scope have been updated;
* Requirements for Data Sharing Proposals and US-German Research
Proposals (for international collaborative research projects to be
funded in parallel by US and German agencies) have been revised and
* A Data Management Plan is now required as a supplementary document
for all proposals;
* In response to this solicitation, an investigator may participate as
PI or Co-PI in no more than one Research Proposal per review cycle, in
no more than one US-German Research Proposal  per review cycle, and in
no more than one Data Sharing Proposal per review cycle;
* Budget limits and expected award durations have been clarified.

Please be advised that FastLane will not permit submission of a
proposal that is missing a Data Management Plan or, for proposals
requesting postdoctoral funding, a Postdoctoral Researcher Mentoring

Broad distribution of this announcement is encouraged.

For further information, please visit http://www.nsf.gov/crcns/.
Scientific or administrative questions may be addressed to the
appropriate person in the list of agency contacts below:

Kenneth Whang, CRCNS Program Coordinator - NSF; Program Director,
Division of Information and Intelligent Systems, National Science
Foundation, 1125S, telephone: (703)292-5149, fax: (703)292-9073,
email: kwhang@nsf.gov

Kishna S. Ford, CRCNS Administrative Coordinator - NSF; Integrative
Activities Specialist, Division of Information and Intelligent
Systems, National Science Foundation, 1125S, telephone: (703)292-8930,
fax: (703)292-9073, email: ksford@nsf.gov

Lynne Bernstein, Program Director, Division of Behavioral and
Cognitive Sciences, National Science Foundation, 995N, telephone:
(703)292-8643, email: lbernste@nsf.gov

Jonathan Leland, Program Director, Division of Social and Economic
Sciences, 995N, telephone: (703)292-7285, email:jleland@nsf.gov

Karen Mesce, Program Director, Division of Integrative and Organismal
Systems, 685S, telephone: (703)292-8421, email:kmesce@nsf.gov

Mary Ann Horn, Program Director, Division of Mathematical Sciences,
National Science Foundation, 1025 N, telephone: (703)292-4879, email:

Semahat S. Demir, Program Director, Division of Chemical,
Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems, 565S, telephone:
(703)292-7950, email: sdemir@nsf.gov

Jennifer S. Pearl, Program Director, Office of International Science
and Engineering, II-1155, telephone: (703)292-4492,

Rob Pennington, Program Director, Office of Cyberinfrastructure,
1145S, telephone: (703)292-7025, email: rpenning@nsf.gov

Rainer Girgenrath, Projektträger im DLR für das BMBF, Tel:
+44(228)3821-200, E-mail: rainer.girgenrath@dlr.de

Yuan Liu, Chief, Office of International Activities; Director,
Computational Neuroscience and Neuroinformatics Program, National
Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, telephone:
(301)496-0012, email: liuyuan@ninds.nih.gov

Dennis Glanzman, Chief, Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience
Research Program, National Institute of Mental Health, telephone:
(301)443-1576, email: glanzman@nih.gov

David Shurtleff, Director, Division of Neuroscience and Behavioral
Research, National Institute on Drug Abuse, telephone: (301)443-1887,
email: david_shurtleff@nih.gov

Michael A. Steinmetz, Program Director, Division of Extramural
Research, National Eye Institute, telephone: (301)451-2020, email:

Barry J. Davis, Director, Taste and Smell Program, National Institute
on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, telephone:
(301)402-3464, fax: (301)402-6251, email: davisb1@nidcd.nih.gov

Grace C. Y. Peng, Program Director, Discovery Science and Technology,
National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering,
telephone: (301)451-4778, email: penggr@mail.nih.gov

John A. Matochik, Program Director, Division of Neuroscience and
Behavior, National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse,
telephone: (301)451-7319, email: jmatochi@mail.nih.gov

Theresa H. Cruz, Ph.D., Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of
Child Health and Human Development, telephone (301)496-9233, E-mail

John R. Glowa, Ph.D., Program Director for Neuroscience, National
Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, telephone
(301)496-0527, email: glowaj@mail.nih.gov

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