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Re: semantic web for EHRs

From: Carmel Kent <CARMELK@il.ibm.com>
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 07:32:41 +0200
To: conor dowling <conor-dowling@caregraf.com>
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We, at IBM research lab (at Israel) are building a semantic layer on top of
a patient data and knowledge warehouse (we develop it in few of our
projects, e.g., http://www.hypergenes.eu/ and http://www.euresist.org/,
currently with data around Hypertension and HIV patients).

We are integrating data from some data sources and enable the extraction of
marts from a unified modeled warehouse using RDF Schema which specifies the
view (schema, terminology etc.). Data Mining engines are using these marts
for the purpose of analytics, and hopefully the results will then be added
into the cycle.

We also use D2R and XML-to-RDF to extract the triplets from the proprietary
(both public and private cohorts) data sources.


Carmel Kent
IT for Healthcare & Life Science
IBM Haifa Research Lab.
E-mail: carmelk@il.ibm.com
Phone: 972-4-828-1059

  From:       conor dowling <conor-dowling@caregraf.com>                                                              
  To:         public-semweb-lifesci@w3.org                                                                            
  Date:       11/03/2010 11:23 AM                                                                                     
  Subject:    semantic web for EHRs                                                                                   
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Is anyone on the group involved or know about adding a Semantic Endpoint to
an EHR system? I'm working on a SPARQL "profile" called FMQL (see:
http://www.caregraf.org/semanticvista#fmql ) for VA's VistA, the most
widely deployed EMR in the U.S. (and open-sourced to boot). You can
see/code-to the current "linked data" support for VistA at
http://vista.caregraf.org .

Luckily VistA's built around graphs - if you look at a patient like the
unfortunate Christopher Jones ( http://vista.caregraf.org/rambler/2/9 ),
you see that his "record" is a patient node referenced by nodes for vitals,
orders, medications ... The VA has over ten million patients in graphs like

Unluckily, their graph store - called FileMan - has no remote query
language. Which is where SPARQL, OWL et al come into play.

Is such EHR system "exposure" common outside the U.S.? (There's little here
from what I can see - the interoperability push is around SOAP). Any work
in Britain, Germany etc.? Or Finland (where they use a similar system to

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