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RE: BioRDF Brainstorming

From: Colin Batchelor <BatchelorC@rsc.org>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 10:12:35 -0000
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> I also think that the machine-readable representation of facts about
> biology
> should have a higher priortiy than the description of experimental
> and procedures (which is the major goal of OBI and EXPO). People only
> limited time and motivation to create machine-readable annotations,
and it
> is much more useful when they spend that time on describing the
> (biological facts). Of course, descriptions of experiments are also
> valuable, when there are sufficient resources left for creating them.

Good point.  What I was sort of driving at (and failing) was the context
in which the facts are mentioned---are they the aim of the paper,
background information, mentioned as results and so forth?

Currently in our (Project Prospect) RSS feeds we connect the OBO terms
to the article with the content module of RSS, which I feel is

Best wishes,

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