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Re: [Fwd: ISMB 2008 Call for Special Session Proposals + More ISCB Conference News]

From: Paolo Romano <paolo.romano@istge.it>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 16:41:48 +0200
Message-Id: <200709201447.l8KElfEx020382@ibm43p.biotech.ist.unige.it>
To: Marco Roos <roos@science.uva.nl>
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as I see it, ISMB is always being preferring Science, instead of Technology.
So, a session on the Semantic Web could be seen 
as non adequate to the exceptionally high scientific level of the meeting.

My 1 cent.


At 14:12 20/09/2007, Marco Roos wrote:

>Hello all,
>I would like to show my support for the idea of 
>my colleague Scott on the list. I've heard 
>rumour that semantic web people have started 
>doubting whether their own inventions, 
>especially OWL, are catching on. In my view they 
>have to be more patient. As far as I can see 
>there are now more than enough front-runners in 
>the life science community who are using 
>semantic web technology in various ways (or at 
>least trying too). It would be nice if that was 
>made visible at a high-impact venue such as ISMB.
>M. Scott Marshall wrote:
>>I suppose that it is a little too early for a special session at ISMB on
>>semantic modeling, semantic web.. Hmm.. Neural degenerative disorders?
>>ISMB 2008 Call for Special Session Proposals + More ISCB Conference News
>>"Bj Morrison" <bj@sdsc.edu>
>>Wed, 19 Sep 2007 19:16:21 -0700
>>"ISCB Members and Colleagues" <members@iscb.org>
>>"ISCB Members and Colleagues" <members@iscb.org>
>>*/ISMB 2008 …/**/ /**/July 19-23, 2008 … Toronto, Canada/*
>>*/SUBMISSION/**/ DEADLINE/**/: October 24 (11:59PM EDT)/*
>>ISMB 2008 will bring back the highly popular 
>>Special Sessions Track that was successfully 
>>introduced at ISMB/ECCB 2007 in Vienna. Special 
>>Sessions have the purpose of introducing the 
>>ISMB community to relevant and “hot” scientific 
>>topics that are typically not within the focus 
>>of an ISMB meeting, and highlighting the impact 
>>of computational biology and bioinformatics 
>>within these emerging topics. See the full call 
>>for proposals at the URL above, and start 
>>putting your proposal together for introducing the next new topic at ISMB 2008.
>>*/5th Annual Rocky Mountain Bioinformatics Conference (Rocky '07) /*
>>*/November 30  December 2, 2007… Snowmass/Aspen, Colorado /*
>>*/SUBMISSION/**/ DEADLINE/**/:/**/ October 8, 2007/*
>>Less than three weeks remain to submit 
>>abstracts for the 5th Annual Rocky Mountain 
>>Bioinformatics Conference (Rocky '07). This 
>>meeting has a tradition of building bridges 
>>among the diverse research and educational 
>>communities working in the computational 
>>biosciences. Attendees have come from as near 
>>as Aspen itself, and as far as Ireland to the 
>>East and Singapore to the West, bringing a 
>>worldwide community together for science and 
>>networking among the scenic Rocky Mountains. 
>>The three day conference program includes a 
>>great mix of keynotes, abstracts elevated for 
>>full length oral presentation, flash 
>>presentations, poster sessions and plenty of 
>>networking time indoors and on the ski slopes. 
>>Industry sponsorship opportunities are also available.
>>…/**/ /**/March 10-12/**/, 2008 … San Francisco/*
>>*/SUBMISSION/**/ DEADLINE/**/ EXTENDED TO: September 24 (11:59PM EDT)/*
>>The new Annual Summit on Translational 
>>Bioinformatics has extended its paper 
>>submission deadline to accommodate demand from 
>>the community. Therefore, an additional week 
>>was added to the previous deadline and all 
>>papers, posters, and panel proposals are 
>>encouraged by the new deadline. See the full call at the URL above.
>>*ISCB Membership**  Join or Renew Now*
>>*_www.iscb.org/membership_* <http://www.iscb.org/membership>
>>If you would like to take advantage of the 
>>conference discounts to attend any conferences 
>>mentioned above, or wish to submit a nomination 
>>for ISCB President-elect, please renew or join 
>>today. Individual reminders are sent via email 
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