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Exploratory workshop: Connecting BioPAX to other Biomedical Ontologies

From: Alan Ruttenberg <alanruttenberg@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006 02:59:34 -0500
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Exploratory workshop: Connecting BioPAX to other Biomedical Ontologies

BioPAX (http://biopaxwiki.org/) is a collaborative effort to create a
common format for representation and exchange of biomolecular

As part of the on-going BioPAX development, we will be having a two
day workshop with Barry Smith(http://ontology.buffalo.edu/smith/),
well known scholar of biomedical ontologies.

Workshop Goals:

- Learn about the philosophy and method behing the Open Biomedical

- Review and discuss the current BioPAX ontology and upcoming issues
   from this perspective.

- Report back to the BioPAX community on what we learn.

Participation open to those with an interest in biological knowledge
representation, pathway and molecular interaction databases, and
semantic web applications for the life sciences. Note that space is
limited, and preference may be given to those who register earlier.

When: November 20-21, 2006

Where: Cambridge, Massachusetts. Building/Room to be announced.

Time: Sessions 9:30-12, 1:30-5. Room open 9-6.

Fee: Academic:$50 , Corporate:$200. Assistance available - please  

Registration and Inquiries: Please send a note to biopax- 
by November 15, 2006, introducing yourself and your interests. We  
will respond
as to whether there is place as soon as possible, but no later than  
the 16th. If you
need to arrange travel plans and so need to know sooner, please  
indicate that in
your note.

We are seeking donations/sponsors to defray the modest costs of this
workshop. Please send mail to biopax-smith@mumble.net.

General discussion of the workshop will be on the BioPAX-boston mailing
list: http://groups.google.com/group/BioPAX-Boston

Required preparatory reading:

BioPAX Level 2 Documention

Biomedical Informatics and Granularity

Biodynamic Ontology: Applying BFO in the Biomedical Domain

Fiat Boundaries

A Theory of Granular Partitions
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