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Re: Comments on * DRAFT * Rules Working Group Charter $Revision: 1.60 $

From: Ed Barkmeyer <edbark@nist.gov>
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 11:01:35 -0400
Message-ID: <4309E8CF.4070606@nist.gov>
To: Dieter Fensel <dieter.fensel@deri.org>
CC: public-rule-workshop-discuss@w3.org

I think Dieter's comments may need to be taken very seriously.
But I have not seen Draft 1.6, nor have my NIST colleagues who are 
extensively involved in W3C Semantic Web work.  Can someone tell me what 
list we should also be on that would have allowed us to see the Draft 

Is there also a "private-rule-workshop-discuss@w3.org"?


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