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RE: BLD vs PRD (was: Re: [RIF-APS] Rules Sign)

From: Changhai Ke <cke@ilog.fr>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 00:52:30 +0200
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Hi all,

I agree with Patrick.

The PRD spec (dated july 30) is full of examples using the so-called
"presentation syntax". Sorry but this syntax is difficult to understand.
Here we are presenting an XML format for production rules interchange, I
think we should just write the examples in XML itself. 

The presentation syntax is a significant hindrance to the lecture,
readers have to learn a second syntax or to guess, and this becomes a

Sorry to express in my first e-mail such a strong opinion. That was my
big first impression. I shall continue my lecture and will send you
other comments, more semantic than this syntactic issue.



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Subject: RE: BLD vs PRD (was: Re: [RIF-APS] Rules Sign)


In fact my overall suggestion is that the group should look at a process
that allows a definition of PRD in line with the practice and product
offering of the Production Rules community.

This obviously includes the so-called RIF "frames", knowing that the PR
community has a twenty+ years old established successful practice of
mixing rules and objects.

I am not "venturing", but rather asking -- in case it's not too late --
that the group decides (or not) to treat PRD as a first class RIF
citizen. I am insisting because I am afraid that if we don't do that,
the quality the resulting PRD proposal might be at risk.

Christian can certainly comment on the reaction of any ILOG people to
whom he has shown the PRD spec. The reaction was just bad.


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Subject: Re: BLD vs PRD (was: Re: [RIF-APS] Rules Sign)

On Tue, 09 Sep 2008 16:17:02 +0200
Christian de Sainte Marie <csma@ilog.fr> wrote:

> So leaving my chair's hat aside for a moment, I do not quite
understand why
> PRD would be bound to a logical approach for what is specific to the
world of
> production rules: PRD is bound to the syntax of BLD where their
> agree; but PRD can do whatever is practical and useful to the PR crowd
> whatever BLD cannot express.

Patrick's suggestions went well beyond that. He ventured to comment
frames and proposed syntax that cripples their usefulness for logical

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