RIF Telecon 06 Mar 07

6 Mar 2007


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Harold, Deborah_Nichols, ChrisW, josb, Leora_Morgenstern, StellaMitchell, PaulaP, Hassan_Ait-Kaci, Dave_Reynolds, DavidHirtle, pfps, Allen_Ginsberg, Gary_Hallmark, Sandro, PaulVincent, agiurca, csma
IgorMozetic, MichaelKifer, MichaelSintek
Chris Welty
Hassan Ait-Kaci




<ChrisW> Scribenick: Hassan

<ChrisW> Scribe: Hassan Ait-Kaci


Next week telecon will occur at "different" times (in the US set forward 1 hour)

In Europe, meetings will start 1 hour later for two weeks (next, and next to next)

<ChrisW> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-rif-wg/2007Feb/att-0084/rif20070220-minutes.html

No objections to accepting minutes

<ChrisW> RESOLUTION: accept Feb 20 telecon minutes



F2F6 meeting discussion: 1 proposal from DERI (in Innsbruck colocated with ESWC)

Christian: has problems connecting (port should be 6665)

Will decide location of F2F6 on March 20 telcon

ESWC colocation means scheduling constraint problems

We should also think about F2F7+ (location - Korea?)

Choice: Europe and N. America (for F2F's)


Christian: if we have one more in US and 1 more in Europe that would be even


<PaulVincent> PaulV: not on phone: see other email about PRR

Christian: Sandro reported that the incubator on uncertainty will start but does not know when. Should we have a liaison?
... Ensure that RIF is synchronized with that

Sandro: the obligation is more on them to coordinate with us as necessary, than us with them

<csma> ack csma?

No more liaison reporting.

F2F5 Debrief

ChrisW: We accomplished a great deal

ChrisW and Christian still working on cleaning up the minutes

ChrisW: sent mail to the RIF summing up the main points
... ... we agreed to publish that WD assuming all actions are carried out to completion satisfactorily.

<scribe> New issues will be carried to the next WD.

This does NOT mean that CORE is finalized. Only that WD1 is.

Chrisw: quickly run through issues
... 1st resolution : we agreed to remove the DTD from the WD1; will publish an XML schema

<csma> resolutions from F2F5 are listed in the "Current" section of http://www.w3.org/2005/rules/wg/wiki/FrontPage

Christian: the version Sandro circulated has some minor errors - they've been fixed.
... or they will be soon

ChrisW: Questions/Comments?

None voiced...

3rd day on RIF/RAF - Axel Polleres presented his approach

ChrisW: many liked the approach using Prolog but some found it too fine-grained
... still need a "higher" view
... last session: RDF/OWL compatibility - check out the wiki

No further questions/comments


Action review

Action-251 completed

Action-250 completed

Action-246 continued

Action-244 completed

Action-243 completed

Action-242 continued

Action-241 completed

Christian: anonymous variable issue completed? Not so sure ... need to keep track

ChrisW: We only agreed to remove Anon. Vars from WD1 not CORE

<Harold> ... the intent behind this condition language is that it will be shared among the bodies of the rules expressed in the envisioned RIF dialects LP, FO, PR, RR, and can also be used to uniformly express integrity constraints (IC) and queries.

Action-232 continued

Christian: argued on why Action-232 still needs work
... thinks the wording is misleading

Harold: will work on a better wording

Action-231 completed

Action-230 continued

End of action review

Harold? update ...

Harold: Michael is making good progress editing and so am I
... the new organization looks better

<Harold> http://www.w3.org/2005/rules/wg/wiki/Core/Positive_Conditions#preview

ChrisW: What link points there?

Harold: AS notation is immediately rendered as UML

<csma> Harold: "...among the bodies of the rules expressed in future RIF dialects. Possible dialects that have been considered so far include LP, FO, PR and RR; the condition language could also be used to unfirmly express integrity contraints and queries".

ChrisW: very nice ...

<Harold> http://www.w3.org/2005/rules/wg/wiki/Core/Horn_Rules


ChrisW: any other topic?

Move on

UCR - Allen?

<AllenGinsberg> yes

<LeoraMorgenstern> due nexdt week

Action-261 continued

<LeoraMorgenstern> Well, thank you Christian.

ChrisW: at the F2F we decided not to publish the new version of the UCR draft

Action-267 continued (reorganize document -- mumbo jumbo)

<LeoraMorgenstern> Right -- the duplicate actions are my actions.

Action-261 and Action-236 are duplicate and continued

Action-235 continued

Action-234 (duplicate with Action-237) continued

MoZ: action to review the UCR document?

Allen: nothing to report - will do actions for next week

<agiurca> Review UCR agiurca

ChrisW: Adrian, we reviewed your comments and used them to amend the stuff

<agiurca> I know. thanks

Christian: when is the WD3 due?

ChrisW: let's discuss this next week when we do the changes

Allen: pls - I need feedback - make sure you read the good page


ChrisW: we had a nice RifRaf session - Axel's slides focused on syntax
... seems to be a nice way to identify semantic features of languages
... e.g. OWL dialect identification - Axel's works is a promising 1st step for RIF
... but also some felt it was too fine grained
... any comments/discussion on RIFRAF?
... after looking at Axel's work, we decided to change all RIFRAF actions

Action-179 dropped

<AllenGinsberg> yes

Action-175 continued for Apr 7 (Allen & Leora)

Action-172 continued (Sandro)

Any more RIFRAF issues?



Any other business?

<ChrisW> MoZ are you there?

Christian: review of the WD1 for the CORE - it is very important to be careful reviewing it; think ahead of the next WD if you feel something is missing now

WD1 will be next week

<csma> +1

<PaulaP> +1


<PaulaP> bye

<MoZ> ChrisW, yes I do

<agiurca> -agiurca

<ChrisW> sandro, you can meet tomorrow?

<MoZ> ChrisW, you were looking after me ?

<ChrisW> IgorMozetic AllenGinsberg(possibly late) MichaelKifer MichaelSintek

<csma> Moz, we were wondering if you made a review of UCR

<csma> You had an action to

<MoZ> I thought my action was for reviewing the CORE

<ChrisW> Chair: Chris Welty

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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