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ACTION-220: review of CORE

From: Mike Dean <mdean@bbn.com>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 22:29:31 -0500
To: <public-rif-wg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <0a7801c74f1f$2d112fb0$0a1510ac@mdeand800>

Below is my review of the various pages making up the current draft of RIF
Core.  Unfortunately, I probably won't be on tomorrow's telecon.

In general, I think the current document is usable by rules experts but not
by typical software developers.


The Dynamically (slowly) generated W3C-styled version indicates a number of
formatting errors.  I would have preferred to review this version.


This needs text as well as pictures.




floats => float

[XML Schema] primitive datatypes

the possible => possible


Non-terminal names such as CONDIT and DISJ seem unnecessarily terse.  Full
words would be preferable.

Why are some non-terminals all upper case?

Is Con short for Constraint?

Add link for Section "Multisorted Extensions", like Section Horn Rules

It seems premature to give examples and a DTD for RIF Horn Rules in this

RDF would be a more appropriate camelcase analogue than Java

upercase => uppercase

The formatting of the box starting with "- Con (constant individual,
function or relation)" is not clear.

also known as [an] interpretation?

will be based => may be based

based [on] multivalued logics

four mapping[s] comprising I

RIF core => RIF Core? (several places)

sometimes also go under the name of => are also known as

integer, strings => integer, string

furthermore => also

Add links for "Multisorted Syntax for Primitive Sorts" and "Formalization of
Multisorted RIF".

dataTime => dateTime

Why not use sort rather than type as the attribute name, and avoid
introducing another term?

xsd:decimal is arbitrary precision.  xsd:float is IEEE 32-bit.  The types
are unrelated.

_sateTime => _dateTime

xsd:dateTime also allows a form such as "2006-11-20T13:00:00Z", which is
used to represent UTC/GMT.

mionutes => minutes

needs the following [semantic] extensions?

character for "element of" (?) in "c ? Con", etc. doesn't render in Internet
Explorer 7 (not sure about other browsers)


Unrendered characters in Ds1 ? ... ? Dsn

It seems a bit odd to modify the semantic structures introduced only a few
screens back, as if multisorted RIF was an afterthought.

I'm concerned that this section tries to cover too much material, with
abstract and concrete syntaxes and semantics.  RDF and OWL put these in
separate documents.


RIF Validation is a Section rather than an Appendix in the Table Of

Should link to Semantic Structures section, not just Positive Conditions.


final text missing


final text missing


Integer => integer

XML Part 2, Datatypes => XML Schema Part 2:  Datatypes


Do we want to promote the use of DTDs?  I see they are still part of XML 1.0
(Fourth Edition).

DTDs from www.jdrew.org should be copied to and referenced from w3.org space
before publication.

such as the one of => such as

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