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Re: A vocabulary discussion for Digg

From: Steve Williams <sbw@digg.com>
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008 11:08:22 -0700
To: public-rdfa@w3.org
Message-Id: <20080917184101.A59C2A85AFE@mail.digg.com>

At 10:13 PM 9/16/2008, Manu Sporny wrote:
>The vocabulary that comes to mind first is, of course, SIOC ...

Yes, I've skimmed SIOC, and I hope we can use it in future to mark up 
Digg stories and their comments threads (discussions), and perhaps 
the Digg user community.

Short term, SIOC might be the appropriate vocabulary to mark up one 
key datum: The number of comments on each story (num_replies?).

Of course, the core of Digg is digging.  Every story has a Digg 
count, and every comment has thumbs up and down.  For awhile, I 
thought the RDF Review Vocabulary might be appropriate to mark up 
those "vote counts":


But that vocabulary's "positiveVotes" term refers to the usefulness 
of the review, not the newsworthiness of the object being 
reviewed.  So I'm still looking for a vocabulary that has more 
generalized terms for vote counts.

>By using SIOC, you'll probably also end up using Dublin Core and FOAF ...

We use Dublin Core for some stuff now.

We use the XFN Microformat.  Perhaps we should mark up much of the 
same data using FOAF.  In particular, if we use FOAF in the permalink 
page itself, it would make more data about the user accessible to 
SearchMonkey, which is my short-term goal.

>It would allow Digg to mark up people, categories (Technology, 
>Politics, Science, etc.), roles (poster, commenter, etc.), avatars 
>(images), groups, friends, posts, comments, comment order, number of 
>comments, etc.

Yes, in future, I'd like to do all of that.  (Geez, I though we 
already had the category marked up, but I don't see it in our 
permalink RDFa.  Rats!)

Of those, the immediate priority is:

  - People, specifically the submitter.
   - Avatar (user icon)
   - Nickname
   - Full name
   - User Profile URL (already available)

I'll try to pull the appropriate terms from the FOAF doc you 
linked.  If one of you has time to hack on our XHTML, I'm a big fan 
of coding from examples.  
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