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TAP Property list

From: Richard H. McCullough <rhm@cdepot.net>
Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2003 14:16:57 -0700
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Here's the revised version for http://panic.stanford.edu/data/
    turned off flags: includeSubClasses, includeSuperClasses
    minor improvements in GetData program


The commands used to generate this list are
    $ ke
    ke$ set echo=off, kbmode=tap;
    ke$ ? iss Property.
    ke$ ? isu ReflexivePropertyType.
    ke$ ? isu TaxonomicPropertyType.
    ke$ ? isu TitlePropertyType.
    ke$ ? isu TransitivePropertyType.
    ke$ ? isu Property.
    ke$ exit;

My TAP interface has not yet "caught up" with my standard MKE interface,
which could generate this whole hierarchy with the commands
    $ ke
    ke$ set echo=off, kbmode=tap;
    ke$ ? isa* Property;
    ke$ exit;

This same information can also be generated a la RDF using the commands
    $ GetData Property subClassOf yes
    $ GetData ReflexivePropertyType type yes
    $ GetData TaxonomicPropertyType type yes
    $ GetData TitlePropertyType type yes
    $ GetData TransitivePropertyType type yes
    $ GetData Property type yes

Dick McCullough
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knowledge haspart proposition list;
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