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Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2010 05:31:01 +0000
To: public-rdf-ruby@w3.org
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> >  http://rdf.rubyforge.org/raptor/

im wondering what would necessitate the inefficiency of introducing IPC and a 3rd party utility parse and serialize something as a preprocessing step, just so ruby can parse it again, but in the one format it can parse (ntriples), when theres already complete test-suite passing parsers for all of W3C's formats via raptor itself ((via redland-bindings, in most distirbutions and blazing fast)), jena/sesame (via JRUBY) and tom morris (reddy) and greg kellog (rdfcontext)'s pure-ruby options which can get any of the formats right into ruby without funny tricks

usa case: normalize dates in a turtle doc from sioc:date, whoknows:date and dce:updated to dc:date. 

#1 raptor parses turtle into model, serializes to ntriples, then ruby parses ntriples to model, does stuff to model (hopefully via a railsy lib that wraps a slightly more generic RDF lib that populates the ruby methodspace with abbreviated URI fragments so you can write (resource.date == DC.date)), 

then ruby serializes that to ntriples, invokes the shell and has raptor parse that so it can serialize it to the destination format (and what if you want it as a string back in ruby land to put in a web response, send it back both ways!)

inm just wondering,, why?
 its not like there arent all those great libs i just mentioned

> > 
> > Note that this is emphatically *not* a C binding to the Raptor or
> > Redland libraries, but rather a pure-Ruby wrapper for the 'rapper'
> > command-line utility included with Raptor (http://librdf.org/raptor/).
> > This means a hassle-free installation of the gem itself, with no
> > worrying about library or include file paths or settings, and means
> > that the plugin should also work fine as-is with e.g. JRuby.
> (Switching jruby hat for rdf hat here)
> If you, or anyone else, does want to plug in to raptor directly please use ffi. That works in ruby, jruby and rubinius.
> End of public service announcement.
> Damian
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