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FW: Interesting: Part 4: The User Interface of Microformat Detection

From: Hausenblas, Michael <michael.hausenblas@joanneum.at>
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007 09:16:49 +0100
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FYI: Below, a post in semantic-web@w3.org. 
Should we not try to motivate Firefox to support RDFa?


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>Subject: Interesting: Part 4: The User Interface of 
>Microformat Detection
>Hi All,
>Alex Faaborg has written a series of articles (see [1]) about plans
>for detecting and using semantic metadata in the upcoming Firefox 3.0.
>Very interesting articles and they are relevant to the world of
>Semantic Web and to the Semantic Radar extension [2] for Firefox.
>SIOC, FOAF, DOAP, etc. are metadata formats that browser users could
>put to a good use.
>In fact, users need not worry where the data come from (microformats,
>RDF, or something else) as long as that information is reliable and
>useful to them. It would be good include in web browsers the
>capability of detecting and using [links to] RDF data.
>Alternatively, a tool to detect RDF metadata can be built on and
>benefit from the microformat detection infrastructure built into the
>browser, provided this infrastructure is generic enough. Firefox
>already uses RDF for some of its functions and I wonder if there will
>be some synergy between these two things inside a browser.
>Where do you see the use of RDF data by a browser? And how are you
>using RDF data (and microformats data) currently present on the web?
>[2] http://sioc-project.org/firefox
>[ http://captsolo.net/info/ ]
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