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Re: RDFa Use Cases WG published

From: Fabien Gandon <Fabien.Gandon@sophia.inria.fr>
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 16:47:40 +0200
Message-ID: <461CF50C.4010800@sophia.inria.fr>
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I just read the "RDFa Use Cases: Scenarios for Embedding RDF in HTML W3C 
Working Draft 30 March 2007"
and I think this document is a very good initiative that should be pursued.

Below are a few comments I wrote about the current draft as I read it; 
just details really.


Remark #1 - "Introduction"
You wrote "For simplicity, we give our fictitious users first names 
whose first letter matches their role: Paul, Patrick, and Peter are 
publishers, Tim, Tod, and Tara and tool builders, Ursula and Ulrich are 
It's a detail, but why did you choose to do that and how does it help 
the reader? I find it more confusing than helpful and to me the fact 
that Paul publishes a blog shouldn't cast him out of the users. Moreover 
publisher, users and builders are roles that can be changed, that can be 
multi-instantiated, one person may have several roles, etc. and names 
are identity / personas that are unique ; thus having a one-to-one fixed 
mapping between roles and names looks strange to me. May be the 
convention could be used without being mentioned.

Remark #2 - "Basic Structured Blogging" use case
I think "Web syndication" in the GRDDL use cases
shares some application concerns with RDFa "Basic Structured Blogging" 
use case

Remark #3 - "Semantic Wiki" use case
I believe "Wikis and e-learning " in the GRDDL use cases
is relevant to the RDFa uses case "Semantic Wiki"

Remark #4
In GRDDL one of the differentiations we made between the Use Cases and 
the Primer is that the Use Cases will not include code. If this document 
is intended for a broad audience who doesn't necessary want the 
technical details but just want to understand what RDFa is for then I 
think the code should be removed in order not to frighten non technical 

Remark #5
In the GRDDL use cases we decided not to use the use case numbers for 
anchoring (e.g. /#use-case-6) in the document as the numbering and 
sorting of the use cases may change and the link would no longer be rights.

Fabien - http://www.inria.fr/acacia/fabien/
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