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RDF/A triples without PCDATA

From: DuCharme, Bob \(LNG-CHO\) <bob.ducharme@lexisnexis.com>
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 11:45:42 -0500
Message-ID: <216A47D0C2D1574B9A9169A664C376FD027F4C03@LNGDAYEXCP01VB.legal.regn.net>
To: <public-rdf-in-xhtml-tf@w3.org>
I tried asking this on semantic-web@w3.org with no luck, and I guess it
is more of an rdf-in-xhtml issue, so I'll try here. 
To add metadata to an XHTML 2 document without adding PCDATA, the
following seems OK to me according to RDF/A documentation, but I wanted
to double-check with others. Assuming that the dc namespace prefix has
been properly declared, are these kosher RDF/A?
  <meta about="http://www.snee.com/bobdc.blog/2006/01/metametadata.html"
                 property="dc:creator" content="Bob DuCharme"/>
 <div about="http://www.snee.com/bobdc.blog/2006/01/metametadata.html">
    <meta property="dc:creator" content="Bob DuCharme"/>
    <meta property="dc:title" content="Meta-metadata"/>
    <meta property="dc:date" content="2006-01-20"/>
    <meta property="dc:subject" content="metadata"/>
    <meta property="dc:subject" content="Data Model Comparison Table"/>
If anyone who will be in New York City on 3/20 is interested in a
promotional opportunity for RDF/A, I'll be giving a talk to the PRISM
group (see
_06.asp) about new opportunities that XHTML 2 presents for storing
structure and metadata. The people at Time Inc. are particularly
interested, and while I certainly plan to discuss RDF/A a bit, if anyone
would like to join me and do a few slides themselves, I'd be happy to
have them.
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