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RE: Potential new TAG issue: Numeric LocalPart of QName held in attribute value

From: Mark Birbeck <mark.birbeck@x-port.net>
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 13:23:18 +0100
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> Where do I find out more about the Wiki usage?

It actually originates from what they call 'InterWiki' links -- connecting a
topic in one Wiki with a topic in another. The mechanism is fairly
consistent across Wiki engines, in that you can use a prefix to abbreviate
URIs. Not only does it save typing, but it also allows for consistency
across a site.

For example, on the XForms Wiki which runs on TWiki, if you put the
following into a page:


the engine will create a connection to:


Although each Wiki could define the 'Dictionary' prefix differently for
their preferred service, the advantage is that the author has a consistent
way to enter things. We find it a very useful feature for things like
referring to specifications. For example, a reference to something in the
XForms 1.0 spec might look like this:


with Xf10 being defined as:


(See http://www.xforms-wiki.com/bin/view/TWiki/InterWikis for other

I have to say that I've long been thinking of how you might integrate this
Wiki technique into XHTML at the level of the language. So although we've
come at it from another direction, it would be great if we had a feature
that both solves the IPTC requirement of shortened URIs for metadata
purposes, and allows for this common linking pattern.



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