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[Fwd: Clothing for Finland]

From: Dan Connolly <connolly@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2004 08:37:07 -0600
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as mentioned in telcon...

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noting that you've a face-to-face in January I thought it might be 
helpful to share my clothing experience after having visited Patrick in 

   - canvas baseball boots
      The canvas got too cold and wet
   - leather jacket
      Not warm enough for outside, and too bulky to go under a coat. 
Hence, unwearable.

Good things:
   - leather boots
   - light summer clothes to form extra layers, e.g. t-shirts, or light 
summer trousers that can go under or over something else
   - leg warmers
   - long socks
   - winter coat
   - ski outfit (although this was more for going sledding and the like, 
probably not necessary for F2F)

I basically wore about three layers top and bottom, plus winter coat. A 
fleece might have been good. I remain unclear as to how many fun sauna 
opportunities I missed through not having taken swimming trunks. (I 
haven't understood the sauna dress code).

I took what seemed like a lot for a long weekend, but used it all.

Temperature in Tampere varied from about -10 to +3, I don't know how 
that compares with Helsinki in January.

Feel free to foreward (or link) to DAWG if appropriate

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