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[Bug 4167] [UPD] Explicit put for document of each node modified

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------- Comment #4 from mike@saxonica.com  2007-01-17 00:10 -------
>What would you want to specify about collections?

Some uncontroversial things: a collection is an unordered finite set of
documents each of which has a unique URI; a collection itself has a URI which
is distinct from that of any other collection.

Perhaps some more controversial things if one can get agreement: for example
that collections form a hierarchy and the parent and child collections of a
collection (if they exist) are accessible; that it is possible to determine for
a given document whether or not it belongs to a collection and if so what is
the "immediate" collection to which it belongs. Perhaps a relationship between
collections and schemas/types if there is one.

Some things about mutability of a collection over time (which is a problem that
needs to be addressed in the data model generally).

Perhaps in the fullness of time properties of collections such as their
ownership and access permissions.

Obviously the dual and conflicting objectives in this area are (a) to retain a
high level of abstraction to permit implementation flexibility, while (b)
providing as concrete a model as possible to increase the level of
interoperability for applications.
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