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[Bug 4023] fn-abs-more-args-024 is incorrect

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------- Comment #6 from mike@saxonica.com  2007-01-15 11:19 -------
Note also the text at the start of XML Schema 1.0 part 2 section 3.3:

This section gives conceptual definitions for all ·built-in· ·derived·
datatypes defined by this specification. The ... complete definitions of the
·built-in·  ·derived· datatypes are provided in Appendix A Schema for Datatype
Definitions (normative) (§A).

This text makes it fairly clear that the definitive rules for derived types
such as xs:unsignedInt are in the S4S rather than in the English prose, and it
follows that "+123" is therefore a legal representation of xs:unsignedInt.
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