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ORA-XQ-101-E: Improper definition, must-understand extension

From: Stephen Buxton <Stephen.Buxton@oracle.com>
Date: 17 Feb 04 08:17:46
Message-Id: <200402171617.i1HGHk217624@rgmgw6.us.oracle.com>
To: public-qt-comments@w3.org

SECTION 2.6.6 : must-understand extensions

Definition, last sentence: "A must-understand extension may be 
used anywhere that ignorable whitespace is allowed." 
This does not belong in a definition.
A definition tells how to recognize when something is present,
or how to construct it, but
not where it is permitted to be present.  This is like saying
"[Definition: a human being is a talking biped.  A human
being may be in Antarctica.]"

- Steve B.
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