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ORA-XQ-152-B: the lexical rules do not account for whitespace

From: Stephen Buxton <Stephen.Buxton@oracle.com>
Date: 16 Feb 04 13:32:09
Message-Id: <200402162132.i1GLW9b03266@rgmgw4.us.oracle.com>
To: public-qt-comments@w3.org

SECTION A.2.2: lexical rules

It is not clear how these rules enforce the whitespace rules
/* ws:explicit */ and /* ws:significant */.  For example,
a direct element constructor has /* ws:explicit */ and begins
with "<" QName.  In the DEFAULT table, this is found in the 
row for "<" which performs a transition into state START_TAG
while pushing state OPERATOR.  It is a requirement not to permit
whitespace between "<" and the QName.  However, the lexical 
state tables for the most part assume that whitespace is permitted
between two successive tokens.  How can the lexical state tables
work if some of the transitions permit whitespace between tokens
and other transitions do not, and there is no indication in the
tables as to which is which?  You can't take refuge in the 
/* ws:explicit */ note attached to the EBNF, because 
the lexical rules must be executed before the EBNF.  

- Steve B.
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