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RE: [Serialization] IBM-SE-008: Serializing namespace nodes

From: Michael Kay <mhk@mhk.me.uk>
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 09:58:45 -0000
To: "'XML Query'" <xmlquery@us.ibm.com>, <public-qt-comments@w3.org>
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I don't think it's necessary to specify these rules in detail. Any
output that satisfies the round-tripping constraints is acceptable. The
philosophy of the serialization spec is to state the basic constraints
that the output must specify, and beyond that, to be non-prescriptive. 
Michael Kay 

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Subject: [Serialization] IBM-SE-008: Serializing namespace nodes

Serialization Section 4, "XML Output Method": This section should
specify the rules for serializing namespace nodes in the form of
namespace declaration attributes. Does every namespace node attached to
an element node result in an xmlns-attribute in that element's
start-tag? Can the xmlns-attribute be omitted if it is present in the
start-tag of a parent element? 

--Don Chamberlin
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