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qt-2004Feb0362-17, Treatment control characters in HTML

From: Joanne Tong <joannet@ca.ibm.com>
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 15:53:12 -0500
To: Martin Duerst <duerst@w3.org>
Cc: public-qt-comments@w3.org, w3c-i18n-ig@w3.org, w3c-dom-wg@w3.org, Scott Boag <scott_boag@us.ibm.com>
Message-ID: <OFC91A8522.1F9AA5A2-ON85256F62.005BFECA-85256F64.0072BD3D@ca.ibm.com>
In [1], you submitted the following comment on the Last Call Working 
Draft of XSLT 2.0 and XQuery 1.0 Serialization on behalf of the I18N 
Working Group.

[20] 6.4 HTML Output Method: Writing Character Data: "Certain characters,
   specifically the control characters #x7F-#x9F, are legal in XML but
   not in HTML. ... The processor may signal the error, but is not
   required to do so.": Please change this to require the processor
   to produce an error.

The XSL and XQuery working groups have gave an initial response [2] to 
this issue, the i18n WG disagreed with this response [3], and a lengthy 
email discussion followed.  After further discussion, the working group 
have decided to accept your comment, and resolve it by requiring the 
processor to signal the error.

Please let us know if the resolution to this issue is acceptable.

Joanne Tong

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