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Differences between xsl:element and LRE

From: Niko Matsakis <niko@datapower.com>
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 12:50:51 -0400 (EDT)
To: public-qt-comments@w3c.org
Message-ID: <Pine.LNX.4.44.0305271240260.14156-100000@diomedes.datapower.com>

There are a couple of differences between xsl:element and LREs that I
think could have been more clear in the XSLT 1.0 spec; since the 2.0 spec
doesn't seem to have changed either of these things, I'm bringing them up
as a suggestion for how to improve the Working Draft.

The first difference has to do with namespace aliases.  It seems to me
that there is no interaction between xsl:element and namespace-aliases.
However, I don't think is crystal clear.  I think putting a single
sentence in xsl:element to the effect of

	"Namespace aliases have no effect on the resulting element."

would be helpful.

Furthermore, I would add another sentence along the lines of:

	"Elements generated with xsl:element have no implied namespace
	bindings other than those required to be a valid XML 1.0 document."

Since that seems to be the intent of the spec, but is not explicitely stated.

Also, if I am wrong in my understanding of the spec, such that those two 
statements above are not valid, I would certainly like to know!  

Niko Matsakis
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