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Re: May XPath section 3.2: / and //

From: <Svgdeveloper@aol.com>
Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 04:10:20 EDT
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To: Michael.Kay@softwareag.com
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In a message dated 07/05/2003 07:21:21 GMT Daylight Time, 
Michael.Kay@softwareag.com writes:

> In the XPath 2.0 data model, any node can be parentless, and any parentless 
> node is considered to be the root of a tree, whether or not it is a 
> document node.
> Michael Kay


Thanks for the reply and clarification.

Given that the term "root node" in XPath 1.0 is synonymous with "document 
node" in XPath 2.0, the more recent use of the term "root node" to mean, 
essentially, any kind of node which happens to be the root of a tree seems to 
me to be potentially confusing.

Since I have already raised that point in a comment on Data Model 4 I don't 
plan to labour the point, unless some new aspect of the situation is brought 
to light.

Andrew Watt
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