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Introduction to myself

From: Sierk Bornemann <sierkb@gmx.de>
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 17:30:02 +0100
Message-Id: <>
To: public-qa-dev@w3.org

Hello Members!

I am Sierk Bornemann, a (still freelancer) web developer from germany. 
My age is 35 years., and I began to make websites in the year 1997. My 
interests in taking webstandards very seriously, have matured since the 
year 1999, when I had to make a lot of workarounds (mostly for 
workarounds again) caused by non-standard tagsoup markup. From that 
time on, my interests in the work and exemplary purposes of the W3C and 
his working groups are very high. Since 2001, I have visited several 
W3C Member Meetings and W3C Workshops of the W3C Germany.

Months ago, I installed the w3c markup validator on my development 
framework to use it locally. My framework is Linux/Windows based, my 
preferred Linux distribution is SuSE Linux.
A few weeks ago, just shortly before facing the 0.7.1 release, I began 
to package a RPM of the validator for my SuSE Linux. Taking the Fedora 
RPMs of Ville Skyttä, I adapted them for SuSE Linux and made some short 
improvements for local use (also see my announcement on the 
www-validator list some weeks ago), which make the official adjustments 
for local use a little bit more perfect.
While seeking for a better place to store my packages for the public, I 
still offer my validator RPMs on my private webspace (inofficially). I 
still hope, to be able to convince Novell/SUSE to overtake and store 
them on one of their public FTP servers like SuSE already did with my 
tidy packages (the official tidy RPM shipped by SuSE has been 
maintained and packaged very unadvantageous for a long time, so I 
offered my packages) and my mod_tidy packages.

While working on the RPM, optimizing it for local use and looking into 
the validator's Tarball, the wish matured in me to offer any 
contributes officially to the validator project.
So, here I am. :-)
What can I do? How can I contribute to the project?
Maybe something small to begin with?

Sierk Bornemann

Sierk Bornemann | Hannover | Germany
e-mail:  sierkb@gmx.de
URL:     http://sierkbornemann.de/  
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