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PROV-ISSUE-630 (prov-sem-fpwd-review): PROV-SEM review for FPWD [Formal Semantics]

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Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2013 12:50:35 +0000
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PROV-ISSUE-630 (prov-sem-fpwd-review): PROV-SEM review for FPWD [Formal Semantics]


Raised by: James Cheney
On product: Formal Semantics


I have completed a cleanup pass on the semantics.  There are definitely still (mostly clearly-marked) areas where work is needed.  

Satya, Simon, Paolo, and Khalid had indicated willingness to review by Thursday, so that we can vote on release with other documents as part of the PR release cycle.

Please respond to this issue with comments so that they are tracked.

Review questions:

1.  Is the purpose of the document clear and consistent with the working group's consensus about the semantics?  If not, can you suggest clarifications or improvements?

2.  Are there minor issues that can be corrected easily prior to FPWD release?

3.  Are there blocking issues that must be addressed prior to release as a first public working draft?  

4.  Are there non-blocking, but important issues that should be discussed and resolved for future editions? (no need to list TODOs already reflected in the document itself, unless there is disagreement about how to resolve them).

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