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PROV-ISSUE-218: Clarification on the transitivity of Traceability Record [prov-dm]

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PROV-ISSUE-218: Clarification on the transitivity of Traceability Record [prov-dm]


Raised by: Stephan Zednik
On product: prov-dm

I would just like to get clarification on the transitivity of the Traceability Record.

1) I am assuming that tracedTo attributes are NOT transitive.

2) Can these attributes be inferred in any way?


6.1 Traceability Record

It is common that we may want to know who or what may have some influence, whether direct or indirect, on a given entity, or who may, directly or not, have some responsibility for a given outcome. Hence, we may want to infer such a notion from an existing set of PROV-DM records. Vice-versa, we may have knowledge of this influence and responsibility, but without knowing its actual details. Thus, we may also want to assert such a notion.

A traceability record states the existence of a "dependency path" between two entities, indicating that one entity can be shown to be in the lineage of another, and may have influenced it, or may bear some responsibility for it, in some way. A traceability record subsumes derivation, activity association, and responsibility, and is defined to be transitive.

A traceability record, written tracedTo(id,e2,e1,attrs) in PROV-ASN:

id: an optional identifier id identifying the traceability record;
entity: an identifier e2 identifying an entity;
ancestor: an identifier e1 identifying an ancestor entity in the lineage of e2;
attributes: an optional set attrs of attribute-value pairs to further describe this record.
In PROV-ASN, a traceability record's text matches the traceabilityRecord production of the grammar defined in this specification document.

traceabilityRecord ::= tracedTo ( identifier , eIdentifier , eIdentifier optional-attribute-values )
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