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PING - informal chairs summary - 18 October 2012

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PING - Informal Chairs' Summary - 18 October 2012

Hello all,
Here is the informal chairs' summary for our call on 18 October 2012. 
(Apologies for its unusually late appearance - Tara.)
Thanks very much to our guest: Frank Dawson (Nokia)

Thanks to Joe Hall for scribing (especially as he is a new member!).

* Specification Privacy Assessment (a methodology for W3C privacy reviews)
Discussion led by Frank Dawson of Nokia. Please see documents at:
 - From Principles to Technology Standards: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-archive/2012Oct/att-0031/From_Principles_to_Technology-Nokia_Position_Paper-20120829__2_.pdf
 - Security Privacy Assessment: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-archive/2012Oct/att-0030/SpecificationPrivacyAssessment-20121008.pdf

Frank proposed an approach for creating protocols and standards for engineers to help incorporate privacy concerns into the design stages.
He suggested that the W3C could adopt a specification for privacy assessment (like a privacy impact assessment).
Many of the ideas raised mirror the goals of the guidance document that PING is developing; it was suggested that Frank might want to work on such a document, using his previous work as a starting point.

* CSP specification - privacy issues
There was a short discussion on the Content Security Policy specification, around violation reports (i.e., "phoning home" when policy is violated). Primarily the concern was how PING could be of use in their debate; it wad determined that what was most helpful was guiding and focusing the discussion. J. Trent Adams volunteered to take on this task.

* W3C workshop - Do Not Track and Beyond (26-27 November 2012)
Nick Doty sent out a notice/reminder of the Do Not Track and Beyond workshop, which was created to help direct a future course for W3C privacy efforts.
Short papers were accepted until October 22 and call participants were encouraged to submit and spread the word.

* TPAC breakout session - fingerprinting
Participants were reminded of a session on fingerprinting taking place at the Technical Plenary:
(That session is now completed, and the minutes can be found at http://www.w3.org/2012/10/31-fingerprint-minutes.html)

Next call on 6 December 2012 (usual time).

There was a lot of enthusiastic participation on this call so let's take advantage of the momentum.
As always: please continue the discussion on the email list. 

Christine and Tara
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